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The Cincinnati Public Library System

The Cincinnati Public Library system ranks among the top three in the nation. It is anessential resource that renders learning accessible to all. Over 500,000 people access its services, including the children of Cincinnati.

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A Day in PAMM

The Perez Miami Art Museum or PAMM is a museum full of magnificent paintings and alluring exhibitions. As stated on their website, the Pérez Art Museum 'is a modern and contemporary art...

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Auschwitz: The Camp of Tears

The Holocaust was not a war, but an unsolicited attack on those who had been unable to defend themselves. This notorious event took place in the midst of World War II.

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Cephalus' Thinking of Justice

Cephalus does have a logical attitude towards the definition of justice, however, his perception of justice is very straightforward which cannot be applied to certain scenarios as Socrates points out.

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My undergraduate experience

Throughout my undergraduate career, I was often asked about my plans for the future. They would ask, are you pursuing a master's degree or taking a year off to gain more experience.

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Stereotypes About Muslim American Culture Essay Example

Two things that humans use every day are their minds and their senses. Both these things are essential for the human to function as they control how we feel and perceive things in our surroundings.

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay Example

In The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, Pakistani narrator Changez extensively gives an account of his years spent in America and what led him to move back to Lahore.

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Film Analysis Essay Example

The movie proved that a historical fiction motion picture was marketable to the general public. Emulating the success of Titanic the movie is no easy feat.

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Childhood Obesity Essay Example

Obesity in children has become one of the greatest health issues in the world. Obesity is taking over 1 in every 3 kids classifying them as overweight or legally certifying them as obese...

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Modernism Essay Example

The term modernism is commonly used to identify new and distinctive features in literature, typically post World War I.

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Emile Durkheim Contribution to Sociology Essay

Modern sociologists widely recognize Émile Durkheim as one of the founders of the discipline of sociology. Durkheim is well-known for his influential studies on suicide, coining the term anomie.

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Rap Music Essay Example

The United States was healing vastly years after the Great Depression, except for some parts of the city, where some would find themselves struggling against a war on drugs and poverty issues.

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The Brand with the Three Stripes Essay

Sports have been a major component in our world’s culture for multiple centuries, changing many young people’s lives and serving as a thrilling hobby for people of all ages.

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James Armistead: The Double Agent of the Revolutionary War Essay Example

Future spy and double agent for the patriots during the Revolutionary war, James Armistead, determined the fate of how America came to be as it is today.

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Sumerian Civilization Essay Example

In ancient Mesopotamia there was no written language. This meant history could not be recorded. Historians would need to look for other ways to explore the history and culture of these ancient civilizations.

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Communist Manifesto Essay Example

The Communist Manifesto was Karl Marx and Frederick Engel’s way of sharing the communist dream with the world. They pointed out communist ideologies, differences of the bourgeois and the proletariat, the comparison of socialist classes and communism despite their similarities.

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A Selfish Grandmother Figure in the Short Story A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay Example

When the family discusses taking a family trip, the grandmother is unsure of going at first because of a misfit gang that has escaped from prison and is headed to Florida.

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Mount Rushmore Essay Example

Today we will be taking a tour of Mount Rushmore, so will everyone head straight down the walkway and to the left to the observation deck and wait for me there.

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Essay on Hard Power Utilization

Hard power is the utilization of military power to authorize a law or thought. As a rule, you can get what you need with quick impact, and exactly what you need.

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Essay on Memory. The Analysis of Infantile Amnesia

Humans tend to retain few memories of events that occurred during their first few years of life, this concept has been named Infantile Amnesia.

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Gods and Heroes in Greek Mythology Essay Example

The Greeks affiliate themsleves with stories about godlike men, long wars, and how their close relationships to the gods.

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Six Essential Characteristics of Civilization Essay Example

To become a civilization, you must have six characteristics, religion, cities, art/architecture, a form of writing, social structure and an organized government.

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The Celebration of Christmas Essay Example

Holidays have been celebrated for over two thousand years by nearly everyone around the world. Holidays are a way for families to unite with one another...

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The Great Plague and Fire of London Essay Example

England during the 17th century was a time of disease and destruction. During this time, the bubonic plague killed thousands of Londoners and a massive fire destroyed the majority of the city.

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A School Lunch Essay Example

In school did you ever have the feeling that you had to quickly eat your food and then feel hungry only a few hours later?

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The Worlds of Restriction. A 1984 Essay Example

Today we look around the world and treat others as if we are all given the ability of free will. Sadly, this is not our reality.

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Colonization of the New World Essay Example

Colonization of the “New World” was very important to those in England, France, and Spain.

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How to Cope With Depression Essay Example

Are you depressed, or oppressed? If you have a period of depression, you may have just tried to take things easy and improve your mood on your own.

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The Discovery of Christopher Columbus Essay Example

Christopher Columbus has always received credit for the founding of America, but does he deserve it?

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The 9/11 Tragic Events Essay Example

The tragic events that occured on 9/11 will go down in history and never will be forgotten. The friends and family of the almost 3,000 people that died that day will never be the same.

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