Alexander the Great Essay Example

Many argue over whether Alexander the Great was a philosopher king or if he was not. Alexander was an intelligent leader who led his men through rack and ruin and came out victorious through every single battle they fought. Nevertheless, it has also been proved that he was incredibly irresponsible, he did not plan ahead which eventually led to the fall of his empire following his death at age 32. In spite of his irresponsibility, he still received the title of philosopher king due to the integrity he possessed and the wisdom he had in which he used to lead his men to victory.

Some could say that Alexander the Great was greedy and irresponsible. Alexander did not have a plan for his empire after he had perished, this lack of planning on Alexander's part led to the fall of his empire. Without a plan their was no way his empire could have flourished, and due to the lack of direction his empire eventually fell. Although Alexander had his faults he also strengthened many. He came into power using his wisdom and strength he pertained through his upbringing by Philip II whom was also a very strong leader.

Who was Alexander the Great?

It is unknown if Alexander the great was a philosopher king but based on his attributes it is clear that he was. Alexander was a very ethical and fair man. He freed greek ionian city states after he and his army defeated the persians. And he took actions based on reason, for instance, if he needed a place from him and his army to stay he would request a place to stay rather than invading and creating conflict that had the potential of ending in violence. Alexander took liberating the ionian people into his own hands. This proves his leadership and how he was able to take charge and lead his men to victory similar to the ways of a philosopher king.

Alexander the great was also a very passionate man. He refused to stop fighting for what he wanted. In one particular instance his men were so exhausted that they had to force him to stop, otherwise Alexander would have proceeded on. He had a very strong will power and refused to obtain a negative mindset, he refused to lose. He fought alongside his men proving his dignity; while some leaders may sit on a hill and watch their men fight the battle; Alexander fought alongside his men, in battle they were equals. This is similar to the way a philosopher king ran his men.

Was Alexander the Great a Philosopher?

Alexander the Great was pertained colossal amounts of nobility similar to a philosopher king. Alexander did what was right. An example of this is when he would travel from city to city, instead of invading cities and taking over and forcing himself along with his men upon them, he would peacefully ask to stay while they needed to rest. This is similar to the ways of a philosopher king because instead of treating those on a different side with violence they would treat them with respect as they would want to be treated themselves.

Overall, although Alexander the Great was extremely greedy and lacked responsibility, he led his men to victory through every single battle they had foughten and led them with nobility and wisdom therefore receiving the title of philosopher king.


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