Colonization of the New World Essay Example

Colonization of the “New World” was very important to those in England, France, and Spain. The countries all wanted to thrive and when they colonized, many things were different. From approximately 1493-1658, the colonization of England, France, and Spain differed in ways such as, how the people lived, how they dressed, and how they behaved.

To commence, Spain was one of the first countries to colonize and started off with more land. The people that lived in the Spanish colonies were treated a bit more on the negative side. In the beginning of the colonization, the Spaniards believed the Indians would be great servants because they were intelligent and could catch on easily. But, as they years went on, they treated them/ had them living as barbarians, dull witted, and stupid. There wasn’t any clothing for the Indians to wear. Most of them would walk around naked, some women would use as much as a plant leaf to cover their parts. As years passed, the Natives were getting more and more furious. They killed the maese de campo and few others and the Spaniards didn’t fight back, even though the natives wanted them to. The colonization by Spain wasn’t a positive experience for the Natives.

On the other hand, England was quite bad but wasn’t as bad. Immigrants were allowed in the colonized areas. The way of living wasn’t good for the Natives. There were a lot of deaths occurring because of disease. There wasn’t much for the people of England to do. They were able to wear clothing but, it wasn’t protecting. They slept on rough mats that made their diseases worse. There were many lonely and poor people in these colonies. Not many people had as much as others had. The colonization by England wasn’t as bad because they didn’t have much negative behavior by the Natives and they tried to make them feel as comfortable as they could.

France was probably the most successful in the colonization of the “New World”. They were second to colonized and ended up with the most states that were colonized mostly in the East. The life style of the Natives wasn’t as hard as they were in Spain and England. The Natives had clothing. They had clothes and shoes of great patterns that they were able to wear. The “savages” would wear shielding and protective clothing from things like rain and snow. The behavior on the other hand wasn’t well. In the later years, the Natives were thought of as violent and cruel by the people of France. Overall, France did their best to keep the Natives in their colonies safe and happy.

In conclusion, the colonization by the three countries differed by how their people lived, behaved, and dressed. In Spain, the natives were thought of as “great servants” and were violent people. Also, they couldn’t wear clothing, expect a plant leaf to cover some parts. In England, there was a lot of disease and death. There were also many lonely and poor people, but the people of England tried to make them as comfortable as they could. Finally, in France, the Natives were able to be clothed and protected. They were also quite violent and cruel to the people of France but, they were kept safe. The colonization from each country was done in a very different way but each country did it in a way that they felt would best benefit themselves and the people living in their colonies.


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