Essay About Violence In Chicago

The article "The Police Aren't the Solution to Chicago's Violence" by Tamar Manasseh talked about many good points to stop much of the violence happening in the city of Chicago at this point of time. She mentioned that being more involved in the community was a great way to reduce some of the violence, if not all of the violence happening there. Rebuilding the bad parts of Chicago was one of the priorities that the author mentioned in the article: for example adding more after school programs around the schools. Another solution that was said was that there needs to be more jobs created in the bad areas so people could get off the streets and work for a living. One final potential solution mentioned was in order to stop the violence people should do more community policing on their own instead of bringing more police officers into their areas, and what do I mean by community policing? It's the ability to identifying perpetrators when they commit illegal acts to law officials. Lastly, The article made valid points that can possibly make a difference in the lives of the families living in these conditions, but I don't agree with what she say's to the fullest

For example when she said that more jobs need to be created for everyone in the bad communities, that won't actually solve any of the crime rate. The number one reason why is because these people make more money in one day selling drugs than what they would make in a McDonalds or even a Walmart; they don't want to make less money than what they already do. These men and women already adapted to that life style and trading that much money for a minimum wage job won't happen.

The article at one part mentioned that the first big step into changing the crime rate was by identifying perpetrators when they've committed illegal acts. I know for a fact that won't happen in these communities; the biggest reason why is that they don't want any retaliation by that gang. Which by doing that it will consist of a lot of community policing by the people in these areas. In order to get the community involved the police needs to gain the trust of the people and show there is police officers willing to help them out no matter the situation. One way to gain their trust is by creating some sort of program that can grant all the people who step forward immunity from them and their families getting any kind of retaliation.

There is many communities that are referred as broken window, and it means that you see many abandon buildings with broken windows which shows that no one cares. Which brings me to the point I agree upon that is rebuilding the areas affected by violence. There needs to be a morality to show the gangs that people in the community won't stand for the violence and want to change that. Just by knocking down one abandon building can motivate all to start doing a positive act for their community, and then all will follow after that.

In conclusion, the article was well written but there has to be more people willing to do these kinds of things and change in order for violence to fade away from their areas. If everyone was to change their ways and become more active in stopping violence, the city of Chicago could consider making plans to remodel these areas. In order to have that change the individuals in these areas need to change their ways and become more proactive in their communities.


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