Essay on Colonial Women in New England

Colonial women in New England had very different lives than their counterparts in the Chesapeake area. In New England, they tended to be happier and healthier. This was partially due to better farming, a healthier environment, and a high rate of production from more factories. The women of the Chesapeake area led harder lives than the New England. The Chesapeake Bay had unhealthy environment, bad eating habits, and they were widowed more often than the those in New England. They also had different religious tendencies. In New England, the colonists were more strict about religions, yet they were also more diverse. The women in both areas had similar jobs.In the Chesapeake and New England, the main job of the women was to have and raise kids.

In the Chesapeake area, women got married 3 to 4 years younger than women from New England. The women from the Chesapeake area also tended to have more premarital sexual relationships. This lead to more premarital pregnancies. Over a third of Chesapeake marriages occurred with the bride already pregnant. This foreshadowed the rest of their lives. Women spent the majority of their lives having and raising children. Most of the time the women didn't live to see their children grow old. However, these women enjoyed more power and a greater level of freedom than New England women. This was because the men in this area didn't live very long. When women were widowed, they didn't stay unmarried for long.

In New England, there were many more immigrants than in the Chesapeake area. The sex ratio was more even than in the Chesapeake area. When women gave birth to children in New England, they were more likely to survive. Women (and men) were more likely to survive long enough to see their children and grandchildren grow up. In New England, they were much stricter religiously. This lead to less premarital sex. People tended to get married young, but not as young as those in the Chesapeake.

Life for women in these areas wasn't completely different. In both areas they tended to get married young. Their main job was to have and raise children. Many women died while giving birth. Premarital pregnancies were a problem in the Chesapeake area and in some parts of New England.

Throughout the Chesapeake and New England, women lived very different lives. However, they had one major thing in common. This was that their main purpose in life was to have and raise kids. In the Chesapeake, life was harder than in New England. But in New England, people were much stricter about religion. In both regions, women married young. In the Chesapeake area, they married especially early. People in the Chesapeake area also died earlier. In general, life was better for the women of the New England area, but those in the Chesapeake area had more freedom and power.


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