Essay on Internet Security

The internet, has been one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs, throughout history.

The internet without a doubt has changed the world, and continues to break through timeless barriers. For example problems that the human brain would have difficulty figuring out, the internet could figure out and give an answer in seconds. The internet has taken many forms, whether it be a desktop, a laptop, a Smartphone, a ipad or tablet, or any other device. The internet has taken over the world, and had gradually traveled across the globe. But as the internet has grown and helped many, because of how popular it is, some try to hack. They try to take control over one's form of the internet, and slither around. They're able to do as they please whether that be adding virus's, altering or deleting files etc... Just with a click a virus could download on your computer. As the Journal of Cyber security, Volume 1, issue 1 says, "Most of the communications were about Phishing and Spam, Data Breaches, Viruses and Malware, and Hackers and Being Hacked, while fewer communications cover Mobile Privacy and Security, or Criminal Hacking.", this clearly shows the dangers of the internet by describing the certain types of threats. But with some basic key tools one can prevent such a tragedy, and protect his / her computer.

A very common factor of computer and other internet capable devices being hacked, is

leaving holes. When I mean holes I'm referring to areas vulnerable for hackers to enter in, areas that have no protection and are not covered by a security program, or virus scanner. Throughout the nation there are many security programs that work as intended, but some programs need money to be fully functional and capable.

Computer Security Tools

A wide known security scanner and virus / hacking preventer is McAfee, a computer

security company. McAfee is a very highly equipped and reliable form of protection for one's internet. A very convenient factor of McAfee is how easy it is to use, all one has to do is open the program and scan, it can easily detect and delete threats and any other miscellaneous items. A contributing editor of Computerworld named Preston Gralla, recently two years ago reviewed the software of McAfee. Preston carefully analyzed and tested out McAfee to its full extent, and found a solid amount of positive issues of this software. He tested out the software through many internet interfaces including Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Prestons impression of McAfee's easy usage was as he wrote, "Clicking an icon lets you quickly drill down into the guts of a module. For example, click the Virus and Spyware icon to scan your PC, turn real-time scanning on or off, and schedule scans. Similarly, click Web and Email protection to enable or disable your firewall, anti-spam functionality and SiteAdvisor -- a feature that tells you which sites are safe or unsafe before you visit.", Prestons words infer to us that the software is relatively easy to use, and takes care of any threats that may emerge through your internet. Preston clearly explains to us that there are certain icons to search or update the software, and includes many other features. Preston Gralla through his reviews also tells one, that the software is also compatible with other types of protection, for example it is connected with a site checker, names SiteAdvisor. SiteAdvisor checks on the websites Intel and whether it can be declared safe or not. Overall there are many other software that can accurately protect one's computer besides McAfee. But the downside to McAfee and other scanner software's is they do cost a good amount. A year of McAfee per Finder suggests it would cost $29.99 per year for basic subscription. The app however would cost only $2.99, for phones. There are various other software systems to take control of security, but this is a well known protection software.

More Tools For Safe Internet Experience

Another great tool mentioned earlier is an Adblocker, a tool one can download to his or

her computer. Like any other software tool there are many different versions of an adblocker. Two of the most well known ad blockers are uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. As 3d Insider does a more in depth analysis and compared the two ad blockers. Adblock Plus came out in 2002, while uBlock Origin had came out more recently in 2014. Both systems have similar attributes, and work successfully. Though since Adblock plus is older it is capable with, "Firefox, chrome, chromium, opera, yandex, internet explorer, and safari maxthon" per findings of 3D Insider. While uBlock might be newer it is capable with, "Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium", Though it is a newer released adblocker it isn't compatible with as many software systems. Overall after 3D Insider fully analyzed and compared both systems, they chose uBlock Origin as the better and more productive option. The great thing about these ad blockers is that they are indeed free and will protect you from risky sites. All one must do is enter their website and download the given link. These are two of the most well known ad blockers across the nation.

Overall there are many other access tool one would use, and there is always more than

one effective way to protect your computer / internet. But overall an antivirus should successfully protect your computer from any disturbing threats. But an ad blocker will secure you can any websites you visit and will protect one as well. But if one let's say cannot get either one of these items / software, then I would suggest to secure your accounts, try out websites that can estimate how long it would take to crack a password. Passwords are what keep ones account in safety, always make sure to have a long and secure passwords. May the protection be with you!


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