Essay on Our Town

Hebron is a town that consists of about 3.600 people, a couple of shops, and a school. When living in Hebron I have learned that there are both pros and cons of living here, such as the lack of activities to partake in for older children outside of school, but having several different parks for younger children to appreciate. For the majority of the children in the Hebron school system, the number of children in their grade varies from about eighty to one hundred. So, with the limited number of children in the grades, you will know everyone in your grade as a result of you attending school with them since Kindergarten. Consequently, this can provide another situation for the children and adults that interact throughout the day. The situation is one of reputation, if several people have one view of how a person is acting and share it with several other people, which will end up being known by nearly all the people in the town, then there will be a stigma for that one person. However, you can try to change it by acting differently, but they may still think of you in the same way. I would describe my hometown as lacking in certain opportunities, having a closer knit student group than bigger schools, and having one chance to create a reputation for yourself.

In a smaller town, there is always the possibility of not having enough funding to afford certain feature. Despite its lacking of money, the town does have a better school system than other small-scale towns. However, Hebron would not be able to have several extra classes based on interests and not necessity because Hebron does not have the same number of teachers and resources as a larger school has. So, understanding that Hebron cannot have all of the wanted classes of a student is important in understanding that a small town does not always have funding for everything. The school also does not have enough students to generate enough interest in having a class in what they might be interested in. Students might also have too full of a schedule with required classes that they cannot even fathom taking another class. Also, the town is not full to bursting of shops, activity centers, and other places that can generate money for the town. There are a few businesses here, such as three gas stations, two dollar stores, and a few restaurants. However, that does not compare to the plethora of stores and other businesses that other towns have. The town's funding is not that of larger towns and cities, which can cause some setbacks or disappointments, but it still provides the basis for education and other areas of living.

Even though we have a limited student body, we have had the advantage of going through elementary, middle school, and part of high school with our class, which allows jokes and trends to float out from one group to a whole slew of groups. For children in the high school more than children in elementary or middle school, nearly everyone views similar media content, so people will likely have one joke in common that they find funny. Also, the set up of the school, if someone is going to conduct a joke, trend, or prank, such as the boneless sticker happenings last year, then several people are going to either notice the person that did it or have seen the outcome. Along with viewing similar media content and being in a smaller building, the size of the classes are smaller which causes friend groups to contain students of several grade levels. This allows one grade may have a joke that can spread through the friend groups to lower grade levels. Ultimately, one of the better observations I have made from being in a school with a smaller student body, is that everybody or nearly everybody can enjoy a shared joke.

However, misjudgment of someone by the population is possible, if you happen to present yourself as a fool or troublemaker throughout elementary or middle school, it is harder to eliminate that stigma. While a smaller community can be easier to band together, it can also cause someone to have an image that will follow them throughout from their behavior in their younger years. Whereas, if you lived in a larger town or city, not everyone would have heard of your behavior and have a painted image in their mind about you before even meeting you. People that you interact with on a nearly everyday basis will observe you at different times with different behavior and will form their own opinion on you and talk to someone that they know but not you. Another way that can cause a reputation for yourself is hanging out with others that have a crummy stigma can cause others to think that you are like them and will group you in with your friend's reputation without judging you separately. There is a problem of reputations in a scanty town being that once people have an image of you in their head, it is difficult to shake that off.

Overall, Hebron is not the worst place to live, not by far, but it still has its negatives. Of course, Hebron also has its positives, but those also depend on how you look at the situation. Certain aspects of Hebron are unattractive, such as the lower amount of money the town has to take care of concerns. However, Hebron's school has smaller grades, which allows the students to be closer knit and feel more of a grade than a larger school. There are always going to be elements that people what to change about their hometown and the only concept that separates people in their wants for a hometown is their perspective.


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