Honoring the yellow cross on the blue flag, the Swedish have been honoring their country since August of 1397. Sweden is a county located in Northern Europe, speaking four languages fluently- Swedish, Yiddish, Finnish, and Ramani. Sweden has a lot of snow and mountains, mainly located in their capital, Stockholm. Established in 1397, this union slowly and steadily became a country. The country of Sweden has a historical history due to many landmarks, a handful of famous people, and the production of this union making their shape into a strong and united country.

“During the last ice age, Sweden was covered with ice for 15,000 years, finally melting after a long period of time with a country covered with ice” (Sweden Geography). Sweden is covered with mountains and snow, with very fetching landmarks. These landmarks include Glamastan, Vasa, and Stockholm Palace. Glamastan is a legendary restaurant that is cosy and comfortable, always a hot spot. Vasa is a old ship that includes the 17th century history and fun facts craved on the wall, established in 1990. Stockholm Palace is an enormous palace located in Stockholm, showing all historical features and the royalty of Sweden.

Sweden has several prominent people, including King Carl, a ruler back in time, and Avicii, a famous singer who died also. Sweden will host major events, including Easter and Black Death. The Black Death is a day that happened in 1350, also known as the Great Plague. This was one of the most devastating events in Sweden history, around 200 people dying of starvation or sickness. This awful period was caused by bacteria, mainly found on rodents. Every year, the day changing.

Along with the holidays and festivals in Sweden, they like to celebrate their own special way as well. Instead of Sunday, Sweden likes to celebrate Easter on a Monday. They do this because they consider Easter as more of a custom celebration, not religious at all. Besides Easter, Sweden celebrate most American holidays. Walpurgis Night is a two or three night holiday celebrating Saint Walpurgis, a saint many people adore in Sweden. The celebration includes traditional dances and late night bonfires. One holiday that Americans celebrate that the Sweden also do is Labor Day. The only difference is that Sweden celebrates this holiday in May, always on May 1st. Ascension Day is celebrated on May 30th, occurring 39 days after Easter. It is a Christian holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s ascension into heaven.

In addition to the holiday traditions, women and men have unique clothing. Women and girls wear a dress, with trousers and a suit. This outfit continues no matter what. Men and boys wear a jacket and a tie made from linen and silk, continuing no matter what (Sweden Genealogy). Most people find the outfits fashionable, and the Swedish prefer wearing them. While wearing these outfits, the food in Sweden is a must try. Considerable examples of these foods are: Jansson's temptation, crayfish, and meatballs and macaroni. Jansson's temptation is a casserole made with potatoes, onions, and bread and crumbs. This food can be eaten at any celebration, every body enjoys it. Crayfish is traditional summertime food, many eating it during any occurance. Meatballs and macaroni is a five star dish all enjoy. To American’s it sounds shameless, but the Swedish love it. All the ingredients needed for this meal are ground beef, bread crumbs, onion, milk, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley (Sweden Genealogy).

Just like America, it either rain or is very hot in Sweden. In summertime, the average temperature is 64 degrees in Fahrenheit. This weather is perfect, always breezy, and there is always sun. It does, however, rain a lot in Sweden. The rainfall effects this country by getting very high winds in the fall and spring, and when it snows, the snow can cover an entire lake with ice. When it rains in Sweden, the average rainfall is between 500 and 800 millimeters. Copper in Sweden is a very big natural resource, along with gold, iron ore, led, silver, and timber. These resources are used mainly in their companies, mostly automotive. These automotive companies are Ericsson, A.B.B. and Volvo. Land in Sweden is mainly arable, meaning great land for growing crops. Even though Sweden is a great area for growing crops, top jobs there are management, finance, or tourism.

Politics take a big role in Sweden. Sweden, being a democracy, all public power proceeds from the people. However, not all education and health are free. College and Universities are free in Sweden for citizens from student’s from every different country. Besides the College tuition argument, many Sweden’s enjoy their music. Hit songs are Mamma Mia, I love it, and Don’t you worry child, all well known songs throughout other countries. Most Sweden’s follow the religion of Christian or Lutheran, Lutheran practicing core beliefs and practices back to the teachings of Martin Luther (1483-1546), a German friar in the Augustinian order known as the "Father of the Reformation”. (A timeline of Sweden).

Sweden is not the biggest country, but it does have a population of 9.903 million people, in the entire country. The Sweden flag is yellow and blue due to the fact that the Sweden Army wore those colors in all of their battles and wars. If anyone were to travel to Sweden, they have many pretty islands to look at at, located all throughout the country. The country uses mostly busses, boats, trains, and aero planes to transport themselves throughout their country. The Sweden are native to many animals, including moose, reindeer, deer, birds, bears, wolves, and lynxes.

In conclusion, Sweden has several attractions and is very similar to our country. Sweden has many famous rulers and artists, several landmarks, and the story of their union becoming a country is one for the books. Including the very tempting foods to eat, their clothing is fashionable, and several people admire of it. The snow might be a problem for some people, but a lot of us are used to it, along with the rain.


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