Mount Rushmore Essay Example

Today we will be taking a tour of Mount Rushmore, so will everyone head straight down the walkway and to the left to the observation deck and wait for me there. Ok so if everyone is here I guess we can start, so my name is dot the bald eagle and I am the USA national emblem, and I will be taking you on your tour today. We will start here at the observation deck and I will tell you some facts at each stop we will be taking, lets begin.

Mount Rushmore was made in 1927 and finished in 1941 taking 14 years to make, which is only six years less than an average eagle age, being able to live up to twenty years old. Each head is 500 feet up the side of the mountain and is 60 feet tall. The heads of Mount Rushmore is about ten times larger than the wing span of an eagle. Eagles can have wings six to eight feet long. Mount Rushmore was made by Gutzon Borglum and then took over by his brother Lincoln Borglum when Gutzon died during surgery on March 6, 1941.

So now here at the presidential trail as we walk towards the path under the heads I will be talking about how each person got their place on the mountain. George Washington was chosen to be put on the mountain and the most prominent because he represents the birth of America and earning its freedom. Thomas Jefferson is on the mountain for the growth of America with the Louisiana Purchas and by being one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence. Theodor Roosevelt is on the mountain for economic growth of the US with the building of the Panama Canal and giving more rites to the working man. Abraham Lincoln is on there for holding the nation together during the Civil war and ending slavery. Now will every one look up and see the heads because we are now rite below the heads.

Mount Rushmore was made to attract people to SD and is now bringing in over three million people every year. The US government funded $250,000 to help build Mount Rushmore, but once completed it ended up costing $989,992 to build. There was also a cave built behind the heads called the hall of records to store history about Mount Rushmore, the four people on it, and history about the US. They never completed the Hall of Records due to lack of funding at the end and Gutzon was told to focus on the heads.

So now we will be talking about the sculptors and the people it took to sculpt Mount Rushmore up here in the sculptor studio. The first blast to start Mount Rushmore was October 4, 1927. Nanty percent of the carving was done with dynamite, and 6,000 pound of dynamite was used just to carve George Washington’s head. After the dynamite they used hand chisels and jackhammers to carve out the design. Then used buffers to make the faces smooth. It took four hundred men and women to complete Mount Rushmore, just like when the eagles were endangered and there was only four hundred and twelve nesting pairs of eagles in the United States. None of the workers died during the carving but some did later die years after due to silicosis a lung condition from breathing in all the dust. After all the blasting 450,000 tons of granite was remove from the mountain. Scientists say that one inch of granite will erode away every 10,000 years.

The place we are standing now is the Avenue of Flags which was added in for the celebration of the 200 birth of the US. There is fifty six flags one for each state, Washington D.C. district, three US territories, and two commonwealth. Now that we have a good view of the mountain you can see why they chose this mountain because it faces southeast and gets the most sunlight every day. They were going to do the carvings in granite pillars but they were too thin to hold it up so they did it in a mountain. The mountain was called the Six Grandfathers by the Lakota, but got Rushmore from a New York attorney Charles Rushmore that was checking legal titles in SD.

Now that is the end of the tour I hope you all enjoyed you can go down and try some of Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe, which was the very first ice cream. You can also take a look around the gift shop go back to the sculptor studio to learn more stuff about the history of Mount Rushmore because you can’t get it all in with just one tour of the place. But that is all the stuff that I can tell you about Mount Rushmore for today.


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