My Future Plans Essay Example

My post graduation plans are to successfully finish my transformation into an adult and to continue my schooling at college. I plan in majoring in herbalism, which is the use of plants and plant extracts for medical purposes. Originally, I had chosen to major somewhere in the medical field because I enjoy helping people and would like a better understanding of health in general. However, during my sophomore year I became an active member of FFA and participated in my very first contest, floriculture, which opened my eyes to appreciate the plants Mother Nature provides for us that normally went unnoticed by me. Afterwards I expanded and decided to try out other contests similar to floriculture such as forestry and nursery landscape which sparked my interest in plants. So, after discovering my interest in plants, I decided to conjoin it with my original medical field pursuit, which resulted in herbalism.

Overall, my long term career goal is to have a job that I look forward to each and everyday. Since, it will consume a major amount of time of my life and it would be sad to work a job that I would dread going to and I believe that as long as I am helping people and learning more of the gorgeous scenery around us I'll be able to reach it.

History has never been my favorite subject, especially since it had always earned its spot in my report card as my lowest grade. I do think it's interesting to learn about the past and how the world unraveled to become the world we live in today. Though, I fail to remember all the dates and events in the chronological order that it happen and all the names and dates get jumbled in my head despite how much I pay attention. However, I did enjoy learning about the pyramids and the different empires in junior high with Mrs. Maki. So, this year I'm looking forward to extend my knowledge and have a better understanding of it and hopefully remember names and dates correctly.


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