The Celebration of Christmas Essay Example<

Holidays have been celebrated for over two thousand years by nearly everyone around the world. Holidays are a way for families to unite with one another after such long periods of separation to enjoy themselves. Many holidays around the world are celebrated, not one holiday can bring a family together like Christmas or Diwali. Diwali and Christmas are holidays celebrated around the world that connect through scenery and family.

Diwali is a holiday celebrated by citizens of India in November, lasting five days. Diwali is known as the biggest holiday for the people of India. The holiday represents King Rama's return to Ayodhya after he successfully defeated Ravana (demon) with the divine arrow. A different activity celebrates the week of Diwali each day. During the week of Diwali, families meet with each other to eat, light clay lamps, pray, create rangoli (patterns created on the floor using sand), and bring gifts. Diwali is the time of year for families to become closer and stronger as one.

Christmas is a holiday that is also celebrated by many people. Christmas has different meanings, but Christians often celebrate it to mark the birth of Jesus. Christmas is celebrated in the month of December and only lasts for twenty-four hours. Families join together for a meal and the opening of gifts under the tree. Often families sing Christmas carols, attend church services, at Christmas parades, and go shopping. Christmas is the time of year where families take a million photos and videos to post them on social media for the world to see their family and for them to have memories.

Christmas and Diwali both express the excitement of the season through decorations and lights, but they carry a different meaning on the other side of the globe. Christmas lights express the simple fact that Christmas is near. Diwali lights are placed to represent the light within, there are no demons and they are spiritually protected. Christmas lights and Diwali lights not only have a different meaning but also have different names and appearances. Christmas lights are often attached to wires that are hung around the outside of the home for decoration. Diwali lights are clay lamps (Deepa) that are lit and set outside the home in a row.

During Christmas time we express the love we have for each other through the act of giving and preparation of a hot meal. We become excited to see our family walk through our front doors just so that we can spend time with them. During Diwali, it is not so much the love for your family being expressed but instead the respect you have for King Rama because he fought demons for 14 years to save you. Diwali and Christmas happen around the same time of the year and have similar decorations just different meanings. They both involve the praise of someone who is believed to be at higher power and huge dinners with your family. Christmas and Diwali connect through activities and decorations but disconnect when it comes to the meaning behind the holidays.


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