Some historians think that after the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe as a hole went into the so called “Dark Ages”. A period where absolutely nothing occurred besides blood shed and disease. But amazingly after the dark ages, a new golden era rouse in Europe; the times of the Renaissance swept across the western hemisphere. New ideas such as Neoplatonism, Christianity and Classical Greek and Roman thoughts, took philosophers in Europe to a whole new way of thinking of life. With new ideas surging through Europe, Renaissance art became influenced by the new thoughts of philosophers. Arts that were influenced by new ideas was David by Michelangelo, The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci and The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

NeoPlatonism is a philosophical and religious system of beliefs created by Platonois in the 3rd century. NeoPlatonism is believed to be a replica of Platonism; which was created by Plato. But when Plato died, his apprentice Platonos took Platonism and transformed it into Neoplatonism. Neoplatonism represents Beauty, Truth, Love and Justice; which would be later put into the fine art of Michelangelo's David. Michalgo was first exposed to Neoplatonism in court where he learned the important ideas of Plato and older greek philosophers. Michelangelo's David and Neoplatonism both relate to each other because the Statue David represents the Justice in NeoPlatonism. NeoPlatonist believe that all men must be just to not only one's self, but also one peers.

Throughout the times of the Renaissance, the church's influence on daily life in this era was at its finest. Christianity had a toll on every living human being; almost every European country at the time was christian. Christianity is monotheistic religion which teaches the meaning of Jesus Christ. Christianity has a leader, or better known as the pope, who takes residents in Rome, Italy. (The Vatican City) Chrisanty means that the pope influences the population of Jesus’s teachings through the bible. Leonardo Da Vinci was a historic figure in the Renaissance who was a believer in the all mighty. This mastermind created many different works of art, including The Last Supper. The Last Supper and Christianity both relate because the piece of art is painted of Jesus Christ; and the face of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Christianity gives people hope in times of darkness, some say that is why humanity survived the dark ages, was in fact because of christianity.

The Renaissance is considered the turning point for Europe; Classical Greek and Roman ideas shaped the golden age of the Renaissance. Greece’s plato invented the Republic and became a mastermind of society and government. Rome had it’s great Republic and Empire, which eventually produced some of the world's best generals/leaders.The artist Botticelli; a Italian artist who used the the Greek/Roman gods to depiculate art in the early ages of the Renaissance. The Birth Of Venus is shown by Venus (A Roman Goddess) emerging from the water out of a seashell. Botticelli is using Greek and Roman ideas to show art, which means that he has been influenced by old time gods. Roman and Greek philosophers and leaders influenced the coming age of the renaissance.

When the Renaissance concluded and the age of Enlightenment began, the Renaissance gave Europe hope that the Dark ages will pass and a new beginning for a lot of people will begin. The shaping of the new world was formed from the art and the ideas that came along with it. Such as NeoPlatonism, Christianity and Classical Greek and Roman ideas; shaped the future of Europe and the world.


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