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Positive Influence on Children in Literature

When children are young, parents engrave morals into their heads of what to do and what not to do. They carry some of those into the future, but leave others behind. Imagine someone attempting to change that....

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My Special Unique Life

his very truly moment in my life was quite hilarious to me and I still laugh at it today. My mother bought girls clothes before I was born into the modern world. The reason why was that the doctor refuse to tell my parents of the baby's gender....

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My Childhood Memories

Most of my childhood memories come from the apartment my mom and I have been living in for about a decade. We reside across from a busy street called Panama lane. Roughly every day that street is pervaded with many different cars that vary from....

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My Attitude to Small Towns

First off, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here, my name is Jacob Walker, I'm eighteen years old and I grew up in a smallish town called Mexico, Missouri. I've lived in Mexico my whole life, and it's helped form.....

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How I Left My Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone, an anonymously written poem, has corresponded to my life in numerous ways. Through the author's style of writing and perspective of the matter, it almost seemed as if it were me, with a pencil and paper, who anonymously wrote....

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Everybody Has a Jacket

Everybody has a jacket, and each person's jacket is different. Every jacket is tailored to fit the individual who will wear it. It is exactly their shape, exactly their size, and exactly their color. This would be a perfect.....

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My Way to Success

Have you ever thought about how things that had happened to you had shaped the way you think, feel and react about certain topics? Well, that happens to us all. Experiences and challenges are what determine who you are today.

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My Unordinary Hobby

I was about 9 or 10 years old when I became a Pathfinder. Pathfinders is a club like the Boy Scouts but with girls. In Pathfinders, you would appear at your church every Monday evening and learn things and attain honors.

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Volunteering Essay Example

A lot of us take the things we have on a daily basis for granted; our comfy beds, clothes and healthy relationships with support and guidance.

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My Favorite Birthday Gift Essay Example

Why are we so attached to our personal belongings? What makes one object so special to us? We all have at least one object that is significant to us.

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Volunteer Experience Essay

For this year’s community service I helped out with my friend teach Sunday school. We taught about nine third graders who were pretty rambunctious.

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Dietary Supplements Essay Example

Firstly, week fifteen’s discussion was about finding an original research article that focused on seniors utilizing varying types of supplements.

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The Attacks of 9/11 Essay Example

Did you know September 11, 2001, was the deadliest day in history for New York City firefighters? 343 firefighters total were killed.

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Volunteerism Essay Example

My experiences with the two organizations I volunteered at were nothing less than inspiring and educational. I chose CareNet Pregnancy Centers and Snack Pak 4 Kids. I first chose CareNet because I have previously volunteered there several times before and have always had such a welcoming experience.

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The Civil Rights Movement Essay Example

The discrimination in the 1950s began with Jim Crow Laws, a list of laws used to segregate and discriminate African Americans. These laws continued slavery by calling it a different name, and the African Americans as a community were tired of watching it happen.

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My Career Goal Essay Example

I am grateful for my friends,family, and my teachers because they support me through everything I chose to do in my life. My name is Claire Szathmary and I am 16 years old, as of June 26, 2002.

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Essay on Christianity. A Team Project

For this project we were asked to do a project about a turning point in history.

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Essay on My Faith in God

I believe that when people find and connect with God, it’s a beautiful thing.

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Evan's Scholarship Essay Example

Applying for this scholarship and colleges has given me perspective on the choices I have made in the past and the realities of my future.

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How I Cope With Problems Essay Example

There are many things in Sebastian Jungers’ “Tribe” that I felt like I could relate to.

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My Experience of Speaking Spanglish Essay Example

“Spanglish” is a form of language that uniquely combines both the English and Spanish language.

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My First Experience in Programing Essay Example

I was in my second year of high school not knowing what I was going to do after. I was hoping picking random classes in high school would help me with that.

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My Physical and Mental Development Essay Example

Throughout this essay, I will be discussing a time in my life during which I began to take shape as a person.

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Personal Narrative: Conflict Essay Example

The tale I’m about to tell you is a conflict that has affected me all my life.

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Why I Honor the American Flag Essay Example

The flag that represents America today is a flag who has represented America since July 4th, 1777.

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My Travel Experience Essay

People might say their summer going into freshman year of college was the best of their life because they graduated high school and are excited to start a new chapter in their life where they have more freedom and control in everything they do.

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My Favorite Performer Essay Example

Unlike many celebrities, rapper Sean Carter (Jay Z) and singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles have been known to keep almost every aspect of their lives completely private.

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My Philosophy of Education Essay Example

I always had a lucid image of what I wanted to become. Having had everything in my life planned out; I believed everything would go according to that plan. What I did not know is that life is like a box of chocolates.

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Narrative Essay About Death of Family Member

My aunt, Stacy, was possibly one of the most wonderful people I knew (at least when I was a young child). She was smart, goofy, driven, and extremely kind.

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My Heritage Essay Example

My ancestors are from all around the world, but they all came to America to create a better life for future generations.

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