A Narrative Essay About Family

“Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday.” Marissa’s favorite quote is just one reason to show how humorous of a person she can be. Everyone knows that one friend that you always want to be around and is the life of the party right? Well if you don’t I do, it's Marissa LeAnne Coudriet. It’s not just her actions it's her personality that makes her such a great person. Everyone should get to know her because you’ll never find someone like her anywhere else.

One of the most important things to Marissa is her home life and family. She said her father, Mike, and mother, Shannon, do everything possible to keep her content and happy. “The quality time spent with my family is what really matters to me.” Maddison, her older sister, is leaving for college next year. As we all could imagine Marissa is not dreading the day that she moves out. If you have a younger sibling you can relate to her as well. Makyla, her younger sister, may get on her nerves at times but is her favorite sibling out of the two. In her home in which she never wants to leave and has lived all her life, live her dogs’ Nellie and Tucker. Dogs may be a man's best friend but, Marissa loves playing and losing stress by spending time with her dogs. With all of that being said, Marissa loves her home life and never wants to move away.

When asked how she would describe herself, she said she is very loud but with that she tries to stay as positive as possible in this cruel world. If she had to tell everyone something about herself it would be about her passion for the season Fall. She says Fall is a beautiful season that also includes her birthday and numerous other exciting activities. Academically, she believes she excels at English. From the simple environment, to all of the projects and group work it is one of her favorite subjects to participate in and learn about. Being athletic is also something she enjoys to add in to her daily routine. Basketball, soccer, and softball keep her busy and she loves to play them to keep her in shape and meet new people along with it. Not only is she content with her life, but also she can’t wait for the new things she is going to learn.

Even though she is only a freshman in high school after graduation she has her life planned out. She plans on going to college to become a Pediatric nurse and hopes to meet a great guy to marry her. Her biggest goal is to be able to put food on the table for her kids and live an all around good life. Her dream home is a farmhouse with 2-3 kids running around outside and not having to worry about stress because she will have everything she worked for her whole life. I said all of that because Marissa has learned things from her past to help her begin her future. Unlike most kids her age she tries to avoid mistakes and move on in her life. She doesn’t know what is in store for her life or the new lessons she will learn. What she does know is she is going to take her past and use it too create a path into the future.

To summarize, everyone should get to know Marissa sometime in their life. She has a great family life she never wants to change, exciting academic life, and a thought out after high school plan. She may be bold and open with her life but one thing that has always been her weakness is public speaking. That weakness has never set her back as she continues to strive and move on in her life. In the end Marissa is a great person to meet and once you do she will stay in your life forever.


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