Academic Literacy Narrative Essay Example

Reading and writing are two major developmental activities essential to learn and express throughout all of school. My school played a large part in my developing my reading and writing skills in both positive and negative ways. My teachers were all different, some encourage reading and writing, and some didn't.

We read lots of books throughout high school such as;"To Kill a Mockingbird," "Into Thin Air," "The Crucible," "The Great Gatsby," and many others. Among the books we read, I can only remember having to read one on our own. The rest were read aloud by our teacher, or we had an audio version played, and we followed along. Either way, I always thought it unbeneficial for us to listen to the book, and not have to read the pages on our own. Whenever it comes to writing, I feel as if my teachers were helpful, encouraging, and taught us well. I had to write many paper papers throughout all of my schooling, the majority being research papers. My senior English teacher, Mrs. Creel, was the best writing teacher in my opinion. She taught us how to plan out what we were going to write, which was a massive step for me in writing papers of any type. I only had two teachers who stick out to me when it comes to making an impact on me in an academic literacy perspective. They are, my senior English teacher, Mrs. Creel, which you already heard a little about, and my tenth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Davis. They honestly are the single only teachers I can remember encouraging me in any way at all to read. Although we didn’t read much on our own, they are the only classes I read anything at all. Mrs. Davis’s class was the class we read the most. She always chose a book that everyone would enjoy, and I loved that. Through her doing that, she showed me that there are things out there that target towards all different types of people. My other teacher, Mrs. Creel was a fantastic writing teacher. She taught me everything from simple grammar all the way how to research and everything in between. She was my teacher for my senior project, where she showed me how to write a research paper that I made a 100 on, how to speak in an interview which I made a 96 on, and how to make a portfolio that also scored a 100. I am so thankful for teachers like those two who helped shape me into the student I am today. However, I do have to say; my peers didn't have much of an influence on me academically at all. The only thing most high school students were interested in reading was a funny post on social media, drama, or about someone famous I did face a few academic setbacks throughout high school. One being the thesis statements. I don't know what it is about a thesis statement, but I always really struggled to get that down how I liked it and to wording it just right. Another setback I encountered in writing was getting my conclusion done. I was always nervous about over repeating information I already covered in my conclusion, and it not make sense to the reader. On the flip side, the main difficulty that I experienced in reading was not comprehending what I would read. I would read it, and it would make sense to me, and then I would take a test on the material, or get asked a question and have no clue. My ways of overcoming all of these setbacks are writing the body paragraphs before the introduction and conclusion; to help me understand the material I would read, it would help me to highlight, underline, and take notes while reading the content.

Academic literacy is a vital part of your everyday life even after middle school, high school, and even college. I feel as if it is important to help encourage children, teens, and adults to want to read and show them that there are books out there for all types of people. My reading and writing experience was both positive and negative throughout high school. However, I can decide here on out to make it how I want it to be.


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