Essay on Christianity. A Team Project

For this project we were asked to do a project about a turning point in history. For check point one we put are teams together and submitted a form on google form. Then for checkpoint 2 we were asked to make a rough draft of the written requirements, and detailed plans of the project. It must require a turning point, type of project, jobs for each team member, and visual evidence of progress. You have to make a five page paper page one is the cover page, page two is what you were asked to do for the project, page three is how your event is a turning point in history, page 4 is how well did your team do and your struggles, page five is how this project helped deepen your understanding of the project. All of this is due october 12 and it counts for %50 of your grade on your report card.

Then for checkpoint 3 which is due November 2, you are asked to make the final draft and perfect it. You are also supposed to show evidence of your paper that you have done it. For check point 4 %50 percent of the project should be done. This is graded on you teachers discretion. For check point 5 %75 of the project should be done, it will be graded. Then December is the final submission, everything is done and this is %50 of your semester grade.

In 30 CE, Jesus and his disciples began preaching the beliefs of Christianity. The Romans became threatened because of his Jewish followers, and executed him. After his execution the Romans eventually outlawed Christianity, Leading to the Jews being forced out of Jerusalem in 135 CE. Later on in 312 CE the ruler of Rome Constantine accepted Christianity and Jesus's teachings. Then in 392 CE Christianity became the official religion Rome.

The turning point came when Constantine became a christian and became the EDICT of Milan. Witch allowed “... Religious groups in the empire, including Christians, to practice their religions freely.” Before this Christians couldn't serve in government and had to pay heavy taxes. All of this changed after Constantine became a christian. Christianity eventually became the official religion of the roman empire.

With the rise of Christianity the catholic church was established, eventually spreading through Europe. Once the western roman empire fell many people “ ...hoped that Christianity would bring peace, order, and unity.” Catholic monks, nuns, bishops, and other church leaders began to hold and play important parts in European communities. The rise of Catholicism during this time eventually lead to Christianity being the number 1 religion today.

Our team struggled during the project by trying to find what subject we were going to do for the project. We couldn’t decide what subject we were going to do our project on and we also were struggling on working together and who was going to do what page. We were arguing on who was going to do the pages. But we pulled through, we were doing pretty good.

This project was fun we had a good time. It helped us get to know are teammates. I'm glad to be in this group and have group mates. We also had some struggles figuring out what to write. We didn't know what else to put on some documents, but in conclusion this was a great and fun project.

We could have also worked more times as a group. But If we did after school I could not do it because i have volleyball. If we did it at home at least one person couldn't do it. So we could've had a lot more time we could work on this together but dew circumstances we can't.

This is a historical turning point in history of The Rise of Christianity by our team learning and understanding more about The Rise of Christianity. We can also learn more about The Rise of Christianity by us researching more thing about The Rise of Christianity . Another thing that we can learn more about The Rise of Christianity.


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