Essay on My Faith in God

I believe that when people find and connect with God, it’s a beautiful thing.

In September, I recently went on a trip over the weekend called “Fall Retreat”. While I was there, there was a band that played many christian songs. During the songs I would look around and notice how everyone is really in the zone and singing along with the songs. They truly were connecting with God. It was amazing to see.

The first day we got there it was a Friday evening, around 7 o’clock. We got our room and went straight to the main hub. The person their talked a lot about God and how important it is to share God with your friends. As he talked I wrote down in my journal what he said. We didn’t get back to our room till around 12 o’clock.

After sleeping I woke up and felt completely refreshed and more connected to God than I was the day before. I decided to journal how I felt. My church leader, Carly, told my small group about journaling and I decided to try it out. I bought a journal and a pen. I had gotten this journal only a few days before the retreat. It was gold and had a bendable cover that was engraved with a copper tone that said “my thoughts”. I wrote down what it was like to really connect with God. I looked over what the preacher had talked about the night before, that I had written down in my journal. Reading that reminded me of how good I felt when I connected with him, and I felt that way throughout the day.

That night my friends, church leader, and me, sat in our small room, that had white brick walls and two full sized beds. We talked about what we thought about the preachers words. I noticed that day how my friends seemed happier and more awake even though we only got a few hours of sleep. My friends said they felt a connection they have never felt before. They had been going to church much longer than me so to hear that was surprising.

Sharing the love of God with my friends shows me how truly beautiful it is when everyone gets together and connects with God. If you haven’t gone to a retreat or even church I would recommend it. I promise it won’t be a waste of time.

I believe when people connect with God, its a beautiful thing.


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