Evan's Scholarship Essay Example

Applying for this scholarship and colleges has given me perspective on the choices I have made in the past and the realities of my future. I can remember going out with my grandpa to various creeks and catching frogs or little tadpoles. I remember when things were easy and worries didn’t really present themselves to me as they do today. As I have matured, I have come to realize the struggles that life has to offer. Grades become more of an obsession and there is always a reputation to uphold in school. There is all of this work that goes into being a successful person and we never think twice about it when we’re young. All these struggles shape and mold a person into the proud character that they strive to be. Having a brother with Asperger’s Syndrome is the first struggle that comes to mind. My brother is an individual who is essentially unable to think before he acts many times and this results in repercussions that weigh negatively on those close to him. In today’s world, autism is an illness that people are becoming more aware of, but don’t quite understand the struggles that those around them go through. I love my brother but we have had our difficulties as we grew up and learned to understand each other. What I see at the finish line is me coming up with new treatment plans for those like my brother that will actually work and improve their mental and social abilities. With this scholarship, I hope to achieve a neuroscience degree and help those less fortunate.

The Evan’s Scholarship has been part of my family history for a very long time as my uncles have both received this honor and have benefited greatly from it. My parents and grandparents have instilled in me the qualities, effort, and hard work it takes to help me become a recipient of the Evan’s Scholarship in hopes that I too would one day benefit from this scholarship. For the past three years I believe I have exhibited the tenacity and drive involved in caddying. I have run my hardest and done the very best that I can for the members I have served over the years.

When I first started caddying at Lake Forest Country Club, I truthfully did not possess much knowledge of the sport of golf. This made my initial caddying career a bit of a struggle, but I eventually came into my own and learned what it means to be involved in such a sport. I can now say that I have developed a love for golf, for caddying, and working in the bag room. I enjoy every minute of it and can’t wait to get out to the club every weekend.

I have made, what I hope to be, life long relationships with the members and those working at the course. I have coworkers that work to the best of their ability and with whom I can also share a few laughs. I have developed a good leadership role here and I am proud to be where I am. I am honored to be respected by my superiors and those working around me.

Away from the golf course and at school I have maintained a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.83 all the while keeping my eyes on college and a neuroscience career that I plan to pursue. My teachers and I have always respected each other and they have always had good things to say about my classroom habits. Outside of the classroom I participate in our school’s varsity soccer program and now our brand new Ultimate Frisbee Club. I believe the team values I have learned in soccer and the education I have been provided have given me core values I can rely on in the future.

I also attend my church’s Youth Group on Sunday nights. Through the Youth Group I have donated my time to community service opportunities such as helping out with retreats and helping fundraise our ministry. I have made many friendships that will last for a lifetime. I am very grateful for the people that I have met at church and the person that they have helped me become. Each Sunday night is a new experience that brings me closer to those around me and closer to those in my community.

In summary, I would be most privileged to receive the Evan’s Scholarship as I aspire toward the expectation of outstanding character and excellent grades. I have looked forward to college and pursuing the medical field for quite some time now. The Evan’s Scholarship would greatly help me pursue my career and better my character. I look forward to the committee’s decision and in the mean time I will continue to maintain my high academic achievements by managing my time and remaining persistent. As I have learned, If I truly want something, I need to chase it down and get it done.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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