My Best Friend Essay Example

Many times when people become stranded on a deserted island they do not have the option to choose what they want to bring with them. Becoming stranded usually happens out of the blue but in a perfect world, one could choose what or who they wanted to bring with them. If I had that option I would choose to bring 2 people with me: Jetta and Natalie. I would choose them because we get along and can work together very well, their personalities would provide beneficial emotional support, and they would be helpful in completing tasks to ensure our survival.

Jetta, Natalie, and I have been friends for a few years now and throughout that time we have developed very good teamwork and overall a good relationship. The three of us have always gotten along very well. There has not been one time that I can remember ever getting into a fight or even being mad at either of them. Personally, I am someone who will go with the flow sometimes but will help take charge if need be. Both Jetta and Natalie are the same way. I think that is why we are able to work together so well. On the island I would expect this same thing to happen; we would share the position of being in charge. I know that I personally don’t like when one person thinks they are in charge of everyone else. Natalie’s and Jetta’s go with the flow but able to take charge personalities fit perfect with my personality making them good people to get stranded on an island with. Originally, we met and became friends through soccer. During even the most stressful or hard times of games and practices, we are still able to work together well and stay supportive of each other. Even though soccer is not nearly as difficult as trying to survive on a deserted island, our teamwork and unity have already been tested in stressful situations and yet it remains. This makes me think that our teamwork and close relationship can last throughout the difficulties we would face on the deserted island.

Based on my personality, I know that I would become very stressed and down if I were stranded on an island but I know that having Jetta and Natalie there would make me feel a lot better. I am not a person that really likes to be alone especially for a long period of time but I also wouldn’t want to be stuck on a deserted island with people that I dislike. Jetta and Natalie seem like the perfect people to be stuck with; they are people that I like to be around and having them there means that I won’t feel lonely. Our senses of humor have always meshed very well. We all have a very similar sense of humor so if one of us if down the other two know how to make them feel better. In my opinion, they are both very funny people so their humor always improves my mood. This would be very important to me if we were stuck on an island. The ability to make each other happy and therefore motivate them would be very helpful in not only ensuring our survival but making the time on the island as enjoyable as possible. Simply being around people who are funny or entertaining is something that always puts me in a good mood so the emotional effects of having Jetta and Natalie there would be good for me.

Besides just having them there for emotional support, I know that they would also help with making sure we survive. They are both smart people so having them there to help come up with ideas and strategies to survive would be very beneficial. Being stranded on an island with people who would not help with completing the tasks that need to be completed in order to survive would be very hard for me. I strongly dislike people who ride on the work of others without contributing but I know that Jetta and Natalie would not be those people. Surely, both of them would help with ensuring our survival. I know that we would make sure to split the workload to make sure that one of us was not exerting ourselves too hard. I have worked on school projects in the past with both Natalie and Jetta and every time they make sure to get their work done. Furthermore, they always finish their work right and on time. This leads me to believe that on the island they would always complete the work to the best of their abilities and in a reasonable amount of time. This will be important to ensuring our survival. In the world of survival, one cannot choose to not do any work or even push the work off till the last minute because it could mean death for the others. For example, if someone is in charge of making the fire because of an incoming storm and they choose to put it off, soon it is raining and the wood is all wet. Next, a fire can't be started and because of the storm, the survivalists may get hypothermia and eventually die. As you can see, it is very important to get the work done on time and right; which is something that both of them will do. Overall, I feel that the 3 of us have very good work ethics and therefore together we would be able to get the tasks done that we need to in order to survive.

All in all, I feel that Natalie and Jetta would be the 2 best people to bring with me if I had the option to bring what I wanted with me if I got stranded on a deserted island. Our ability to work as a team combined with their bright personalities and work ethic make them the best people to be stranded on a deserted island with.



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