My Best Trip Essay Example

The opening of a gift, blowing out candles, and having family sing before cutting a cake are all familiar and “expected” events that occur on a person’s birthday each year. Although some families carry different traditions from house to house, a common trait from all of them is that a birthday is a time to celebrate another year of life, while recognizing many of the accomplishments and growth from the previous year. One of the traditions my family has is that when a child turns 16, that child gets to pick anywhere in the world to travel to with just the parents and the child. For my sister, it was Paris, where she dreamed of eating on the top of the Eiffel Tower and walking the streets filled with little cafes and shops. I wanted more of an adventurous trip, and I decided on a Mediterranean cruise with stops in France, Italy, Spain, and Palma de Mallorca.

When the time to plan the trip came, some things were put on the agenda immediately, and other excursions were found through research and recommendations from family and friends. A cooking class in Rome, and visiting the lavender fields in France were two of the must see things on the list. The Blue Grotto, pictured below, turned out to be the highlight of the trip for everyone. The way the water reflected and glowed, and how blue and clear the water was, is something I will never forget.

With every hidden street we walked on, and every new country we had the privilege to travel to, a growing amount of respect came upon me. Every day I experienced new food, new languages, new customs, and new people. The amount of culture and diversity that is found simply across a border is what struck me the most. Italy, my favorite destination of the trip, also happened to be the place that influenced me the most. I have decided that I want to learn Italian in the future, and my family and I continue to make the pasta and pizza recipes we gathered from the cooking class.

The trip I took with my parents is one of the most highlighting parts of my life so far. The trip gave me a closer bond with my parents, and a chance to connect with them in a phase of life where teenagers are known to be “rebellious and scheming”. The trip also gave me an opportunity to learn about new countries and customs that are not my own. The more people are able to learn and immerse themselves in different cultures, the more productive and understanding we can be about different people and even religions. Even though the trip only lasted 8 days, it gave me life lessons and memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


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