I am grateful for my friends,family, and my teachers because they support me through everything I chose to do in my life. My name is Claire Szathmary and I am 16 years old, as of June 26, 2002. I was born in Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. I have lived in New York my whole life and lived in my dad's house since I was born, but i’ve also lived in a rent house with a cool sunroof. Then my mom bought this amazing house that we've been in since 2011, I am absolutely in love with it. With moving around i’m so very lucky to have been able to stay in the Starpoint Central School district since i’ve started school. Before Starpoint I went to Niagara Orleans BOCES for daycare and preschool. Now I still go Starpoint High School and come to BOCES mid-day for Graphic Communications. With going to school its a lot easier for me to work at my summer job (seasonal) Lincoln Park Nursery. I would go to work after school and mostly on the weekends since march but since it's winter we are closed and can’t work there till next spring. Back in 2014 i entered the Niagara PTA reflection contest for a stop-motion video against bullying and won 1st place. In 2017 i enter the reflection contest again for a video i made about dancing to the song “Eyes open” and won award for award of excellence. I have also received my bronze award for girl scouts. I am also currently working on my gold award which is equal to the Boy Scouts eagle project. I have done dance for over 12 years along with girl scouts. I have done colorguard for 7 years. My hobbies include riding four wheelers, mudding,hunting, dancing, listening to music, shopping, taking pictures of my pets, along with taking care of my pets. I belong to organizations that are girl scouts, announcements, and video club.

I have 2 strength which one is athletics cause of dance, and the other one is creative since I would make tons of duct tape crafts, crayon melts, and polymer clay sculptures. When I came home from school I was just about 4 years old my mom asked me if I wanted to start either dance or gymnastics. So I chose dance and I couldn't be happier. I've done many years of dance, 12 and counting. I've done styles such as ballet, jazz, and tap. I have done tap for the longest because it is my favorite and I easily picked it up. Although I did only one year of ballet because it wasn't my favorite and I could pick up on everything. Many of the 5 feet positions we still use in tap and jazz. I absolutely love being able to perform on stage. When I was around 10 years old I started to do all these crafts with duct tape. I would make cute flower pens, duct tape wallets, duct tape pictures on canvas. I would even make pencil case holders with even zippers built into them. I would make crayon melts on canvas into a design whether it was vertical or horizontal of over words. At times i would make polymer clay sculptures that I would bake in the oven. They would range from small to big and to any range of idea I have. I would sell my crafts at the annual art and craft fair at my school and would make tons of money when i would do it in 6th-8th grade.

My long time career goal is to be a photograph and a comic book drawer for cartoons. I really like going out in the world and taking pictures of cute animals especially close up pictures of their face. It inspires me alot when your able to see every little detail even if it is on their whiskers or nose or even eyes. With working with photoshop I learned in depth that you can bring out those parts on images. I would also like to explore the field with cartoon comic book drawing. I drew a very high liking for illustrator with drawing with the pen tool. I think it would be so awesome for a drawing of a cartoon of mine turned up on a tv show for kids. With being in Graphics Communications I can learn more drawing skills with being able to use illustrator. As well as using photoshop to make my pictures a thousand times better.

My plans after high school is over is to go to college either i'm thinking of Buffalo state, Bryant & Stratton, RIT and some others. Even if i go to college I will still work to be able to afford to still go to classes. U plan to go to college for as many years are needed to get where I want to be in life. Where i want to be in 5 years is in college. Where I want to be in 10 years is living away from my family and making my life as best as it could be. I would like to be moved down south or in a sunny area. Where i want to be in 20 years is being able to support my family and have a job that i love.


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