My Favorite Birthday Gift Essay Example

Why are we so attached to our personal belongings? What makes one object so special to us? We all have at least one object that is significant to us. How we obtained it or who we received it from is part of what makes it significant. Irreplaceable and unique. These are a couple of traits that this specific object shares. There are countless reasons as to why this one object is important to us. This object could be a token of good luck, this object could reminisce us of good times, this object could be something that’s been passed down to us generation by generation, or this object could just bring us happiness. The list is never-ending. The adoration for one specific object is also seen in J.D. Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye. The protagonist, Holden Caulfield, like the rest of us holds an object that is dear to him. This object is his younger brother Allie’s baseball mitt. His brother dies of leukemia at the age of 11 and his death heavily affects Holden’s mental state. Allie is someone important to Holden, so his baseball mitt becomes something he deeply cherishes. Holden’s love for his younger brother is represented by this object. He even goes as far as writing a descriptive essay on it for his prep school roommate. This object also reminds Holden of the kind of person Allie was: clever and friendly. The baseball mitt holds a deeper meaning for Holden and becomes something extremely significant to him. I, like Holden Caulfield and everyone else, also have an object that is important to me. This object is an art case and it’s significant to me because it represents my passion for art and is very therapeutic for me. Thank you art case for being my stress-reliever.

Whenever I see this object, my face lights up with excitement. A rectangular light wooden case with a brown leather handle sits in my cabinet along with other clutter. My hands eagerly dig through a messy pile of clutter and other papers to obtain this case. As soon as I get my hands on it, I quickly set it on the table and use the gold latches on the case to open it. Opening it is the best part because I get to see all the art supplies arranged and in place. Inside, there’s a set of acrylic paint with all the colors of the rainbow and two small and two large paint brushes. The bristle of the paintbrush is as soft as a rabbit’s fur. The case also contains a small, white canvas and a palette to mix and arrange the paint. The drawing pencils in this case are sharpened to a fine point and ready to use. The thought of mixing and matching colors and using the canvas to paint makes my heart jump with excitement.

The painting set was gifted to me by mother’s friend for my 9th birthday. This birthday gift had become my favorite one out of all the others. In my spare time, I would use my art case to paint trees, beaches, flowers, or animals. Whenever I felt sad or lonely, I would always use it to comfort me and make me feel better. My art case was my best friend. It’s still something that I deeply cherish today. It’s extremely significant to me because it allows me to express my creativity and it represents my passion for art. Whenever I’m stressed, it serves as my coping mechanism and makes me feel more relaxed. This object is the reason why I’m into art today. It got me more interested in art and has helped me discover the career path I want to pursue, which is in the fine arts.

My painting set is extremely valuable to me, so I would never throw it away or sell it to someone else. It’s part of who I am. It’s helped me choose a career path that I’m actually interested in. This is a huge personal victory for me because I’ve always been conflicted over what path to take. It helped me make a life-changing decision so without it, I would still be troubled over who I want to be. Whenever I use this object I feel free, free to express my creativity, be my own self, and convey ideas I have stored in my mind.


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