My Favorite Hobby Essay Example

Everyone has a possession that is near and dear to their heart. I feel that even people who aren’t normally attached to objects have a few things they are grateful for. For some people, it’s a stuffed animal from their childhood or a soft blanket. For me, it’s my Ecto-1a model car from the second Ghostbuster’s movie. It isn’t a toy I bought off the shelf. It’s something I put a lot love and effort into building.

Most people who saw my model car sitting on my dresser would assume that I’m a devoted fan of the Ghostbuster’s movies. After all, anyone who takes the time to build such a thing would have to be a devoted fan. That would only be partially true. The car was the only thing good about the second Ghostbuster’s movie. I’m more of a fan of the cartoon than either of the movies.

There were many factors that helped me decide what kind of model I wanted to put together. When I first decided to buy a model to put together I knew right away that I wanted a car. I’m not interested in putting any other kind of model together. I could have picked a different model from another movie. There are many different car models that exist, and they are all interesting in their own way. I picked this one because of the price range and the level of difficult. There are two different versions of the car. I decided to pick this version because it had more parts to put together. It looked like a device from the future. If I had picked the less complicated one I would have felt less like a “nerd”.

I have a few reasons for wanting to buy the model in the first place. I used to love putting them together as a child. I found it to be a relaxing and creative process. I missed doing this very much. I have a hard time sitting still for any amount of time. Sitting down long enough to work on the car was going to be a struggle. I was trying to overcome that by having something interesting to do with my hands.

I felt very accomplished when I finally finished building it. The model took me several weeks to put together. I didn’t have a lot of space to work. I would paint what I could and then leave it to dry. It took many hours of careful panting and gluing to finish it. I had a lot of spare time so I was able to take my time. I had overcome a personal struggle that I’d been working on for a while. There is another reason I find the model special. It’s proof that sometimes you can overcome personal struggles and difficulties if you set your mind to it.

I’ve only had the model a couple of years. I can’t remember when I bought it but I believe it was in the last three years. While our interest can give insists into who we are they aren’t the best indicators. If I had bought a different model from a different move it would have changed how people viewed me. Whenever people see an item in a person’s home that has a connection to another movie or book they assume the person is interested in it. That can affect if we form a relationship with another person or not. So many of our friendships were made because I liked the same movie or book as someone else. One item you own doesn’t tell you everything about a person. It just gives you a small look into their lives. Someone could watch comedies all the time but struggle with depression or someone could watch horror movies but be disturbed by violence in real life.

I believe homes should be reflection of who we are. I don’t like when a home looks like a “show home”. I love when my room shows off all the things that I love and hold der.

Model building is a hobby that I and members of my family have enjoyed for years. My husband used to love building model trains and used to own several large model sets. Some of his models were finished when he brought them, and others needed to be painted. I built many of them as a child but lost them all during a house fire. My close family are the ones only I know who are into building models. It seems to be a lost hobby.

I don’t own a lot of other movie memorabilia. I do own a few t-shirts related to other movies, but nothing large. I have a small home, so I must use my limited space carefully. I am very careful with this model and take good care of it. Over the years I’ve owned I’ve had to touch up the paint and re-glue parts. I enjoy fixing it and keeping it looking new.

I’m not one to get attached to inanimate objects. If I break something I buy a new one without much thought. It was a bit strange to find myself getting upset whenever this model gets knocks over. I assume it’s because I put it together. If I had just brought it already built and painted I know it wouldn’t mean nearly as much to me. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you like something you own until you think it’s broken or lost.


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