My Favorite Music Essay Example

In response to Klosterman's question, I would say that I am open-minded. As a child, I grew up on R&B and Hip Hop. However, once I became older was able to expose myself to new musical worlds. Specifically, the categories of music I like are Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B/Soul, and Indie.

In the rap group, I listen to Kendrick Lamar, Logic and Kanye West. Lamar makes me think in a deep and metaphorical way. He keeps me educated upon the societal and political issues that affect today. Similarly to Lamar, Logic, also makes you think. Through his music, Logic can remarkably tell a story. In addition, he uses his platform as an artist to encourage positivity and equality. Lastly, on Kanye West, I love his unapologetic attitude. I sometimes rely upon him in helping me discover older artists and music through of his use heavily sampling.

In the pop music category, I have an admiration for Hall and Oates and the Bird and the Bee. 80’s pop duo, Hall and Oates have a way of creating classical hooks and harmonies that make it impossible not to sing along to. The Bird and The Bee, a popular Indie duo band attract me through their eccentric songwriting. Which blends elements of jazz, electronic, Pop and R&B music. In the R&B category, my favorite singers are Mayer Hawthorne and Justin Timberlake. What draws me to Mayer Hawthorne, is that he has an old school but yet soulful vibe. His soulful voice and lyrics have elements of Motown blended within them. Justin Timberlake has such flexibility in his songwriting nature. Having the ability to go from singing an energetic dance tune to a powerful love ballad.

In some way shape or form, these musical categories have helped shaped my identity today. What these musical patterns say about me is that I like having emotional connections. Whether that is through the artist themselves and or through the music they create.

Out of the 7 musical elements that are mentioned in the textbook, rhythm and form are the most important to me. I am always reeled in first by the beat and from that, I am able to determine the quality of a song. Take, for instance Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode”. Throughout the duration of the song the beat unexpectedly goes through three changes. The unexpected changes force the listener to do two things: never get acquainted with one single beat and hear three songs in one. The form is also key as well. One thing that I enjoy about rap is that certain lyrics are left to open interpretation. Wordplay is a magical example of this interpretation. Which leaves a word or phrase to either be seen as literal or figurative.

In all, If I met someone at Klosterman’s party, they would assume based off my identity that I would like hip-hop and pop music. Over time I found that some tend to stereotypically determine that just because I am African-American I only enjoy “hip-hop” music. However, if they got to know me more they would come to find that those two genres are not what I solely listen to. I am very open and enjoy listening to any music genre. I feel the more open-minded one is, the more they set themselves up to discover new things. Music continuously re-develops and it waits for no one.


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