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Unlike many celebrities, rapper Sean Carter (Jay Z) and singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles have been known to keep almost every aspect of their lives completely private. Until recently Beyonce and Jay Z have refrained from putting out anything about their relationship in the media. The couple released a joint album titled “Everything is Love” which exploits some of their past and present relationship problems.

Everything is Love is the final chapter to the couples previous albums, Lemonade by Beyonce and 4:44 by Jay Z. Beyonce previous album detailed her emotional and rage-filled reaction to her husband's infidelity while Jay-Z's album took on a more apologetic and calm tone.

Unlike the couples previous albums where they shared their one-sided views on their marriage, Everything Is Love offers a different view as the couple talks about overcoming the issues of their complicated relationship. At first glance the album looks like an ordinary Hip Hop album with songs titled “Boss”, “Summer”, Nice, etc, you almost wouldn't think that the album had anything to do with their relationship. While listening to the songs you don’t receive a full story of what took place and how the couple overcame their issues, rather they have tidbits and moments where they mention specific aspects of their relationship. The album has a rather simplistic feel and offers no depth or any more insight to their relationship than what the media was already speculating. Everything Is Love is commercialized as an album that will finally unveil to the world how the couple worked through their adversity but fails to do so.

Overall the album leaves listeners wanting more and completely lacks the insight offered by the couples previous albums. The album also feels rushed as the songs often transition from one topic to the next without fully explaining the whole narrative. Given that this album was commercialized as the final part of the couples long relationship problems, they focused less on their relationship and more on topics like friends, wealth, and different social issues.


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