My Future Career Essay Example

During all my years of school, I’ve been asked over and over what I wanted to be when I get older. Now, that I am a senior I get asked that question all the time. I use to just shake my head, as in I really have no idea. Now, after a lot of research and going back and forth with my mind and heart,I am very excited to say that I hope to achieve my goals by going into the teaching career and receiving my bachelor’s degree.I know that teaching will give me the chance to positively influence and be the inspiration I hope to be for someone one day. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This quote inspires me because it tells me that if you want to make the future better, don’t wait for someone to make a change for you, make that change yourself. That’s why my career choice is a teacher. A teacher has the opportunity to make a difference and change the future.

The reason I have chosen to have a career in teaching is because I absolutely love being around children and I love to watch them learn new things. I mainly want to change lives and be an inspiration to others. Throughout all of my years attending Thomas Elementary and PineJr./Sr. High school I have had so many teachers. Some teachers were the most amazing teachers anyone could possibly have and others not so much. Growing up and seeing how ateacher’s job is, it doesn’t always seem to be so easy. Most teachers do everything they can to teach their students. Every day at school I notice how every student learns things in many ways and at a variety of different paces. With me being able to notice that, I know that I would remember that when I’m a teacher, and I would teach everything to the best of my ability so that everyone can get it. Teaching isn’t usually the hard part, its tolerating the students. As a student myself, I know they can just simply not care at times. Choosing to become a teacher was not made lightly, it was a hard decision of me going back and forth thinking about what I wanted to be. I really wanted to be something that could have an impact on the world and teaching is just the job for it.

However, I honestly never thought that I would be going into the teaching career, but here I am all because I was inspired my sophomore year by my algebra II teacher Mrs. Mary McGinnis. She is the most outstanding teacher I have ever had, not just because the way she taught, but because she always went that extra mile to make sure everyone knew just what they were doing. The reason Mrs. McGinnis stands out the most out of all my other teachers is because she’d always take her time teaching because she knew that not everyone learns the same way nor the same pace. She is who put my mind toward teaching, not by trying to persuade me or encourage me to be a teacher, but just by being her and being the great teacher that she is. I watched her come to school every day and show everyone how much she loved teaching. Mrs. Mary will always be a marvelous teacher to me and one day I hope one of my students will say the same about me. I am thankful for her always motivating me, it has shown me that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.

Besides, without teachers there honestly wouldn’t be successful people in the world because every teacher was once an inspiration to someone. Like Tom Brokaw said, “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” I know I will achieve my goals as being a teacher because that’s what my heart is set on. I will one day give the same motivation and inspiration to someone that was given to me that made me try to reach my goals. I do not want teaching to just be my career, but my way of inspiring those who I encounter.

Finally, my senior year was my first time to attend Career day. Career day is a day where all the college representatives come and try to persuade the juniors and seniors to go to the college they are representing. I’ve always wanted to just do my college online, but I still wanted to hear about all of the schools in case I ever wanted to change my mind.I looked for schools that were close to me because I am not going to stay in a dorm, so I will have to drive each day. I went by William Carey University and Southwest Community Colleges table. I really loved both of the colleges but since I’m going to be a teacher if I went to one of them instead of doing my classes online I’d chose William Carey University. Since I’d rather stay home and work on my college classes online, that’s what I’ll be doing. I have done research on the online school Grand Canyon University. It seems to be very nice and it’s a Christian like school. If I get accepted that’s where I’ll be attending to do all of my classes online.


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