My New Home Essay Example

Rain beat down on my window as I hopped into bed for the night. That night, my Dad came in and told me a job became available in Denver, and to think about it. I was born and raised in Oregon, my home for 12 years. When my Dad first told me that our family was moving to Colorado, I was hesitant. Oregon was the only place I had ever lived, and the fear of moving away from my family scared me. The ability to make friends was not my best skill and I didn't want to lose the ones I grew up with. Yet, the more I thought about it, the idea didn't seem too bad.

The first time I stepped foot in Colorado, the mountains immediately caught my eye. The countless snowy peaks, along with their sheer height, amazed me. Coming from Oregon, there was only one mountain a few hours away; seeing a whole mountain range for the first time blew my mind. One of the first adventures I wanted to go on was exploring the mountains to see what they had to offer. For example, learning how to snowboard interested me a lot, something that the mountains allowed me to do. The beauty they gave off was astounding and made me want to take pictures. I love exploring and experiencing the sights and sounds, as well as capturing them. From the violent flush of water given off by waterfalls to the chirping crickets at night, they immerse me into the state of Colorado. Hiking to see the stars from 10,000 feet, as well as watching the sunrise, have to be my favorite parts about the mountains. The endless possibilities that the mountains present keep me coming back, and wanting to explore!

When I moved to Colorado I had to make all new friends, and there's nothing better than a fresh start. For example, I remember the moment when I knew I loved Colorado, not because of the state, but for the people. One time, some friends and I went to a monstrous corn maze and grouped up into teams to see who completed it the fastest. It was super fun, and my team ended up beating it in a blistering time of seven minutes. Although that was all fun, the night went from playing tag to launching corn up in the air to hit structures. What fun would it have been without people to laugh with? Great friends make good times even better, and moving here way easier.

Living in Colorado has allowed me to try many new things and enjoy activities that I love, even more. One activity that the mountains have let me experience, is learning how to snowboard. Before moving here I had never tried any snow sports, my friends are very into it and helped me learn. Now I am decent at snowboarding and getting better every year, along with my dad who is learning with me; although I do catch a face full of freezing snow sometimes! Basketball is definitely my favorite sport both to play and watch on TV. In Oregon, it rained every day, so I resorted to playing indoors most of the time. In Colorado, it is sunny around three-hundred days per year, which allows me to play outside more with my friends. I like being able to spend time outdoors, try new things, and enjoy the sports I love to play.


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