My Special Unique Life

This very truly moment in my life was quite hilarious to me and I still laugh at it today. My mother bought girls clothes before I was born into the modern world. The reason why was that the doctor refuse to tell my parents of the baby's gender. My parents both thought that it is going to be a girl; instead I, a boy came out of my mother's belly. Surprise! They thought I was a girl because I was 5 pounds at birth and really small. In that time there wasn't any good vitamins/supplements for my mother to take, so I lack a lot of vitamins and nutritions in my body.

My body weight was below average of all newborn male babies.My parents didn't decide to buy boy clothes and instead I was wearing girl clothes all the way up to 8 years old. The reason behind it was that my parents bought way too much girly clothes for my baby shower and plus I got more girly clothes from all my relatives. I wore a pink dress going outside of my home. Nobody noticed that I was wearing the wrong gender type of clothes walking in the city. I didn't have much hair back then so people didn't really know my true gender. I didn't mind myself of wearing the wrong gender based clothes because no one knew so I just went on with it and ignore the feeling of sense of embarrassment to myself like it never ever happen to me. I was very happy at that age roaming around and having fun with my cousins in wearing opposite gender clothes. My parents and relatives were chuckling and giggling about how I look in female clothes. I was too young to know what sense of embarrassment felt like. My parents took a lot of childhood photos of me wearing all different variety style of unmanly clothes.

I also struggled from hypermobility syndrome, I think, but I'm not really sure. I haven't got diagnosed with it yet. Since my childhood, I am quite flexible and my joint can easily move past beyond the normal range, which resulted my joints to be dislocated. Sometimes, I can even see my bones sticking out of my skin. I experienced pain in my arms, hips, legs, and ankle; almost all parts of my body. The pain I felt was agonizing throughout my dislocation. I get these joint dislocation quite frequently, but I try not to stretched too hard. The dislocation just happens and I can't really control it. Sometime, I can feel that I'm about to dislocate it and then I switched my body position so it doesn't go further. In middle school, I was riding a scooter board super fast that both sides of my hips joint went out of place and I couldn't walked after that and someone had to help me get up. I was screaming and crying for help like my body was about to shut down.

Nowadays, all the challenges I faced before and still faced today shaped me into who I am truly. The experiences that I went through my life taught me some life lessons that no matter how different you are; you are always unique and special from others. I like to be unique and special from others so that way I'm not the same as other people around me and that people can differentiate me from other people.


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