My Summer Vacation Essay Example

Today I woke up, it was the first day of summer. My parents told me to pack my bags, they said I would need clothes for a week. This had me very confused, but I did what they told me. Once I was done packing my parents told me the big news. They told me we were leaving at 6am tomorrow to go on a 7 day cruise. I went back into my packed bags and added more swimming suits, but I was scared because me and my brother were not very strong swimmers. I hoped there wouldn't be many swimming activities, even though I was a little better at swimming than my brother Gavin. I went to sleep early that night excited for tomorrow.

I woke up to my parents yelling "Tony get up we need to go". I finally woke up and we got right into the car, we needed to drive to New York because that's where the boat left from. Me and my brother Gavin slept for most of the car ride, when we arrived, we saw a giant boat sitting in the water. Some man took our bags and we walked into an airport looking place. We sat down and waited for them to tell us we could get on the boat.

When we first got onto the cruise ship I felt very scared , because we got on near the deck of the ship and it was very windy and I felt like I was going to blow off. My family got two rooms Me and my brother shared one, and my mom and dad shared the other one. The room was very nice and better than most hotel rooms. Later that day the made us all go to this thing when they explained all of the safety rules. After that me and my brother ran off and went to sleep, we were very tired.

The next day we woke up and went to breakfast at the diner. The ship had just stopped in Bermuda and my parents planned to rent out jet skis. After we ate, we went back to our rooms to get our passports so we could get off. We got off the cruise ship and there was a very large brick doc. Once we got off the doc there was a large beach and jet ski rentals. We rented out two jet skis and my mom said that I would need to drive one with my brother. When I go on the jet ski I was so excited to start driving I didn't listen to the rules. We got on and ten minutes later we realized we were too far out. My brother stood up to see if he could see anybody close to us. When he stood up he fell off into the water. He immediately started to drown. I knew I had to make a quick decision to either save him or go back for help. I decided to jump in after him knowing I had a chance to drown too. He just kept screaming "help" and I had to jump in to save him. At first I was starting to drown, it was so cold and I felt so hopeless. Me and my brother were both in the cold water barely staying above water enough to breath. I eventually found a way to stop panicking and I stayed floating above the water. After that I quickly grabbed one hand onto my brother and pulled him up. Then I grabbed the jet ski, and pulled myself up with the other hand. Once I got up I sat down and grabbed my brother with my other hand, so now I had two hands on his shirt. I managed to pull him back up onto the jet ski and we drove back to our parents. Once we meet up with our parents and got off the jet skis they gave us a talk about how we are eighteen and should be mature enough to drive jet skis.

After all of that, we got back onto the ship and me and my brother played basketball. At 6:00 pm we started to get hungry, so we left the courts and went to get food. At that time every restaurant was crowded, because everybody was getting back onto the cruise ship. They were all getting on, because the ship was leaving to get to the next island at 7:00 pm. Once me and my brother finally got our food and were done dinner it was around 8 so we decided to head back to the room and go to sleep. The next day we just hung out as a family by the hot tubs and got ice cream. We decided we would go to bed early since we were going to saint Martin. So the next morning we got off early and went to the shops in Saint Martin. After that we decided to hang out on the beach as a family and relax. The ocean was a very nice clear blue. It was the bluest i've ever seen an ocean before. The sand on the beach was different from sand in America, it was very thin. After hanging out on the beach all day we got back on the ship and went to sleep. The next morning we got off the ship for the last time and drove back home. What I learned is that in order to get better at something you're not good at you need to do it more. Like how I am not good at swimming, I learned if I don't panic while in the water I will do better at swimming.

After this trip me and my brother both took swimming lessons and we learned how to swim really well. My brother went on to be in swimming races and he became better at it than me.


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