My Unordinary Hobby

I was about 9 or 10 years old when I became a Pathfinder. Pathfinders is a club like the Boy Scouts but with girls. In Pathfinders, you would appear at your church every Monday evening and learn things and attain honors. One of the things that Pathfinders would do is go on campouts. We would go and learn camping skills and survival skills.

I remember it was my first year of Pathfinders and I was excited to go on my first campout. On Thursday the second I got home I promptly asked for my suitcase so I could pack. I had gotten a packing list and I quickly got a clipboard from my mom and a pen. I looked at my list and I proceeded to grab anything that I needed.

Any time I had grabbed an item I would check it off my list. One of the things on the optional list that caught my eye was to bring a knife. I didn't have a knife so I didn't pack one. After I was done packing I went on with the rest of my day. I could barely sleep a wink because of the excitement I had.

Friday finally came. We headed to our church where we were supposed to meet. When we got there we loaded our belongings into the trailer and had a prayer. Then we all got in our groups for the car ride and headed out.

We drove for what seemed like hours at the time. When we finally got to the campsite everyone set up the tents and choose who they wanted to share tents with. Setting up the tent was one of the first things I learned. And after a few years of being in Pathfinders, I've gotten the hang of it. After everyone finished we would usually have a little bit of time to hang out and play.After it had become late we would make a fire, gather in a circle, and have worship. Once worship was over we would get ready for bed and go to bed.

Then when I woke up it was Saturday. Every Saturday we have to get up eat have worship and the inspection. For inspection, we have to clean up our tent make it look the finest it can and put a Bible on our pillow. Then once it was time the leader would come around and check our tents making sure to salute. That day we passed inspection with flying colors.

When we were done we split up to hang out. I remember sitting around the dying fire. The boys were showing their knives to each other and finding sticks to carve. What really stood out to me was Isaac Peterson. He was holding a machete and carving a stick like he had a normal knife.

I found the machete so cool. It inspired me to carve something myself. But... I didn't have a knife. I thought of asking one of the older Pathfinders for one but quickly decided against it. I was to shy to ask someone. My next plan of action was to ask my dad if he had a knife. He said the one thing I was hoping he wouldn't say, “No. Sorry.” I remember being so sad and asking him if we could buy a knife but we didn't have the time. The trip went on and I had no knife. My sadness lasted but a few days. Time passes.

A few months later, Christmas rolls around. It was Christmas morning and it was time to open stockings. By this time I had forgotten about the knife. My mom gathered us all around. We all sat down and my mom passed out the stockings. Michaela and I went first. We both opened and went through our stockings. I pulled out tasty items like chocolate and gum. But the most amazing thing that I pulled out was the last item. A KNIFE!!!!!!!!

When I pulled out a Swiss Army Knife I went crazy. I stood up jumped up and down making loud thumps every time I hit the ground. I hugged my mom and dad tightly and when I released I hugged the knife as well. I was so excited!

From that point on I've started to collect knives and soon enough my knife collection became a weapons collection. I can show you all my knives in order of when I got them and I can tell you how I came across them. Since then I've collected a total of about 30 weapons. Most of them being knives. We even are creating a weapons wall for me.

I love my weapons. They shape who I am today. They are one of the most important possessions of mine. I think one of the reasons I like them so much is because they're so much like humans. They're beautiful but hurtful if you use it wrong. And the more you have it and use it the more flaws it'll have.


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