My Way to Success

Have you ever thought about how things that had happened to you had shaped the way you think, feel and react about certain topics? Well, that happens to us all. Experiences and challenges are what determine who you are today. They will shape you as a person and teach you things that you’ll never forget. Both positive and negative in regard to how we feel and react to them.

Beginning with my arrival in the US, I felt fearful and anxious about what was heading my way. As a non-english speaker, I felt like everything was going to be impossible for me. Four years ago I came to the United States for the first time, with a different purpose. This time I came to stay and aspired to make my dreams come true and to ensure the effort that my parents had made for my siblings and I. I come from a big family originated in the south part of the Dominican Republic. Both of my parents were born, in a small town named Tamayo. On the other hand, I was born on March 26, 2001 in the capital, Santo Domingo. Where there was a better quality of life and more jobs opportunities. As you might though, yeah that was the reason why my parents decided to move to before I was born.

My childhood was commonly a middle class environment. My dad worked on the south part of the country barahona, on agriculture. He will go back and forth throughout the week, making sure everything was fine with his job and family. While my mom used to work as a gynecologist, on “la plaza de salud”. I had a happy, and a somewhat normal childhood. We had to always be attentive of our surroundings. There was a lot of robbery and assaults around our town, which affect my social life. I couldn’t hang out with my friend as a normal kid would. I had to be home all day because of “security”. Well, that was what my dad used to say.

Growing up without getting out of the house was not especially difficult, since I had a brother Noel, which was 6 years and we used to get along pretty well. We moved to New york in 2014. By my Freshman year in high school I had begun to hang around with my new friends, and my life began to feel much free and enjoyable.

With the fresh start I was able to finish high school without further incident, graduating from Kingsbridge International High school with an advanced regents diploma on June 2018. Afterward, here I am starting my first semester at Lehman College. As a result of the lack of information given at my previous high school. They never took things seriously, and ask us to do the college application just to get it over with, without any explanation of what college are more beneficial for our careers.

As a matter of fact, I’ve always exposed myself to fears and challenges to do better every day. I am an ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsibility approach to any task I undertake, or situation that I am presented to. As a Dominican American, whom has experience with community service and high academic achievements. I believe that I can face any barrier that could approach my goals. I am excellent at working with others to achieve certain objectives on time and with excellent dedication. Math has always been my passion, Algebra in particular.

My goal in college is to be able to give my everything in all my classes, earn knowledge and learn the values of liberal arts as discussed previously. You might be wondering, “so she’s not in college to earn a degree”? Well, let me elaborate on that. Liberal Arts will give me the strength in intelligence that I will later need to communicate with every type of people in this society. Which will open many doors as I move further into my career and future? In addition, my goal after these four years on CUNY is to used the fund left given to me by the government and state, to continue further on into my education such as minor in Economics and masters degree in Engineering. I also want to meet positive people that will help me throughout this journey and as I move on I will be able to share my success and failures and learn from them, as they will learn from me. Not to mention this, my biggest fear about college is not being able to develop my abilities, ideas, and thoughts in writing. I’ve always struggled when it comes to writing especially with my grammar, which had severely changed over these four years.

Generally, my goals in life are to be a woman of success. Someone that makes a positive contribution to our society and is willing to risk it all for the good. Luckily I was supported by the government and the city university of new york with financial aid and scholarships that I had obtained due to my academic achievements, that will make everything much more accessible and possible.


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