The Best Day of My Life Essay Example

It all began on a warm Saturday afternoon at the end of September while I was sitting with my family watching my brother play in a baseball game. I get a phone call from a phone number that I do not recognize. After wondering who is calling for a while, I answer it. The man on the phone says that he is the manager at Frank's Pizza and that he would like to offer me a job as a busser on Tuesday and Wednesday if I am interested. I told him yes, that I am interested and that I can start this Tuesday at 4:00 pm. After getting off the phone, I was feeling nervous. I was apprehensive because I had never had a job before and I was worried that I would not like it or I would not be good at it.

After a few days of patiently waiting, Tuesday was finally here. I went to school that day and told everyone that I got a job at Frank's Pizza. I then went home from school at 2:20 and waited for my dad to come home at 4:00, so he could drive me to work. While I was waiting, I changed my clothes into a soft pink hoodie, black leggings and red sneakers. I also quickly ate a chocolate chip granola bar. My dad finally came home at about 3:45 and drove me there. The drive took about five minutes. After five minutes, we finally got there and we parked the car in front of the restaurant and my dad came with me inside since I was feeling a little nervous to walk in alone. Then after talking to the manager for a little, my dad told me goodbye and left.

I then started meeting everyone there and they showed me where everything was. This one girl who looked a little older than me named Kathryn showed me how to clock in and told me that I should do this every time I work, as soon as I get in. She then took me to the back of the kitchen and got me a black short sleeved shirt that said Frank's Pizza on it to wear and she also told me that next time I will have to have black non-slip sneakers. Kathryn then took me back to the front of the restaurant where the server station is located and showed me where the ice and lettuce are and told me that whenever either the ice and lettuce run out to go to the kitchen and get more. She then introduced me to all the servers that were working there that day. While she was introducing me to everyone, there was a big party of about 20 in the dining room getting ready to leave. They started to clean up and told me to help them. They showed me where all the used plates go. After we finished cleaning the table, they told me to place four menus and wraps of silverware on the table. After that, Kathryn showed me how to greet and seat all the customers that walk in. She told me to seat them and then write the table number on the chart and then tell the server that he or she has that table. After that, it was time for Kathryn to go home. She said bye to me and that she would see me tomorrow.

After Kathryn left, all the other servers began talking to me and asking me questions such as where I go to school, what grade I am in and how old I am. I replied with: I go to Easton High School, I am in the eleventh grade and I am 16 years old. After we talked for a little more, some customers were leaving, so I went to the tables and started cleaning all of them. When I went to go clean one of the tables, a server followed me there and told me that I cannot touch any of the glasses with alcohol in them since I was not eighteen years old yet. He told me just to let him or someone know to come pick up the glasses for me. After I finished cleaning all the tables I went back to where all the servers were standing. One of them told me if I am ever hungry or thirsty I could grab a drink or a slice of pizza to eat. He saw that I still looked nervous and was not talking to anyone so he told me not to be shy and that everyone who works there is really nice. After cleaning a bunch of more tables, it was finally almost time to go home. As soon as 8:30 hit, all the servers began to give me a small portion of tips they made that night. I was really surprised because I did not know I was going to be making tips as a busser. I counted all my money and it was about $20. I was so happy to be going home with a little money. All the servers there told me that I did a very good job and that they would see me tomorrow. After that, I went outside and my dad's silver minivan was out in the parking lot. I got in the car and told him about the great day I had. He said that he was so happy and proud of me.

Even though I was nervous at first, I ended up having a great day and could not wait to go back the next day. The next day at school, I told all my friends about the great day I had. I will always remember this day because it was my first job and it will always remind me that even though I am nervous to do something, I should do it anyway, because I might end up having a lot of fun doing it.


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