Why I Honor the American Flag Essay Example

The flag that represents America today is a flag who has represented America since July 4th, 1777. This same flag witnessed numerous battles and showed that people-soldiers fought to keep it. Men and women have been serving our country and dying for it for the past 200 years. This flag resembles all of the lives that were taken to keep us free through these difficult years and acquire independence. Everyone that lives in the United States, should honor the American Flag. The Flag needs to be honored because its a symbol of life, and freedom. It is what represents the people of America.

I honor the American flag because it gives me many opportunities in life. In the twentieth century, more than 108 million lives were taken. In the past 16 to 18 years, 108 million men and women were killed. When we look at the amount of lives taken. We need to see the flag as something more than just a flag. We need to see the flag as an idea. When Betsy Ross made the first United States flag, she showed that the thirteen colonies had become a nation, and that we are stronger and more capable than we thought we were. Now after all of the changes in the flag, we have 50 stars and 13 stripes that represent the U.S as an amazing place where you can come and make your dreams true. It shows that no matter what religion, race, or gender you are, you have freedom.

My friends and I have all had one person serve in the war, and some of them did not survive. They respect the flag because it helps them remember who they lost and what they fought for. I respect my grandfather the most, because he fought in the Vietnam war. He watched close friends die right beside him. Yet he fought, for what he believed in, he wanted us to be free, and see the the flag representing this country today.

Every morning before school starts, we say The Pledge of Allegiance. When we say the pledge, sometimes we don’t even understand why we are putting our hands to our hearts and saying these words. A pledge is a solemn promise or an agreement to not do something, or to do something,. When we pledge we are saying that we devote everything to the flag.


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