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Why Taking Pictures Is Important

"Family who built me will always be a favorite." Let's define a family first; my definition of family is a bit different than others, I believe that any person in this world who cares about me and knows something about my personal life is....

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What Does It Mean to Be a Hero

People assume a hero is a person who has a heart of gold and always does the right thing. However, the truth is anyone can be a hero. From mild-mannered citizens to holy figures like The Pope, anyone can be a hero....

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Shooting in the United States

Imagine growing up in a country where people cared more about a controversial ad rather than guns. Imagine growing up in a country where mass shootings became a daily thing.

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Brave Child

Once by Morris Gleitzman follows a ten year old Jewish boy who lives in Poland during the Second World War. Throughout the course of the novel, Felix develops important trait that help him overcome obstacles he encounters.

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Media is everywhere

Media, it is everywhere. It is essentially hard to get away from it. People use media for many things such as, communicating with friends and family, gathering their daily news fix, and general entertainment.

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Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body

Dance has influenced my life in different aspects; it allows me to show how influential my lucid imagination truly is and demonstrate how effective it can be. This feeling can be compared to how writers feel when they express their imagination...

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The Effect of Modern Technologies on Our Lives

It is not uncommon for a parent to stumble upon an article that reports on the issues of smartphones and technology, and how society can reduce the effects of these devices ruining our lives.

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Medical School Personal Statement Example

In my case, arriving at medicine as a career choice took more time than it typically does for a young adult, but I sincerely believe that everyone’s path towards becoming a physician is unique.

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Why I Want to Visit Japan Essay

I have always desired to go to Japan ever since I was a child. This dream came about because of the beautiful things I used to see about Japan on television.

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A Comic Book Superhero Essay

Parents have always chided young children for watching too much TV. However, the superheroes aid them in the children’s growth....

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The Way We Can Impact Our Level of Happiness Essay

From the moment we are born, we are assigned a baseline level of happiness. This predetermined “set point’ accounts for half of our overall happiness throughout our entire life...

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Children's Literacy Essay Example

As a child develops they start to be influenced by their surroundings, especially relatives. Literacy is an influence which stays with children and they are able to build more to it as they learn.

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Technology in Education Essay Example

Educational system is what makes the world evolve with technology but is it a boom or doom with the students of today.

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Andre Vacha. A Person Who Inspires Me Essay Example

Tan skin, hazel eyes, and a beaming smile that emits the warmth of a golden sun. A much-emphasized attribute from the conversations I have had with his schoolmates was that his physicality is picture perfect.


My Best Helper With Homework Essay Example

Many people in life have their own Ah-ha or breakthrough moment. When someone is in a tough situation sometimes life finds a way.

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