Should Christopher Columbus Day Be Celebrated Essay Example

Over the years it has been argued that the United States should celebrate Christopher Columbus day because although other people lived on the land before, he discovered the new world for Europeans. However, the United States should not celebrate Christopher Columbus day because Christopher Columbus took in slaves and supported rape and violence, he only went across the ocean to gain riches and credit for his findings, and he was deceiving and cruel to many people over the years of his conquests.

Christopher Columbus day is meant to celebrate the man who discovered America. In reality, when we as the people of the United States celebrate Christopher Columbus day, we honor a man who was a supporter of rape, enslavement, violence, and control over anyone he deemed inferior to him. Christopher Columbus argued that because they lacked civilization, the Indigenous peoples deserved to be enslaved and treated like animals. He made the argument that they were also easy to conquer. Not only did Columbus support enslavement, but he supported horrific acts of murder, violence, and rape. The Taíno and Arawak peoples had been killed by both violence and slavery. Prisoners would commonly be hanged and burned to death. This cruel treatment became and norm and not an exception. As time has gone on, and the world has evolved Christopher Columbus has been recognized more to be a man of many faults, and no longer a man of heroic action. Columbus was after both spices and gold during his conquest. When he could not get the amounts of gold he wanted, he blamed the people of the land and then enslaved over a thousand. On Christopher Columbus day, the United States honors a man who took in slaves because of his greed. Furthermore, When the United States dedicates a day to Christopher Columbus, it celebrates an immoral conquer of land, not a discovery.

Many cities had since changed from celebrating Christopher Columbus day to Indigenous Peoples Day, which recognizes the people whom the land belonged to before Christopher Columbus and white Europeans came to their shores. Changing the holiday from Christopher Columbus day to Indigenous Peoples day changes the way the United States celebrate the discovery of America. Instead of honoring someone who took away freedom, rights, and who stood against equality, the United States can observe people who first started their homes and families here. The other alternative to celebrating Christopher Columbus day is to dedicate a day to Bartolome’ de las Casas instead. Bartolome' de las Casas was similar to Columbus in the fact that he was initially wealthy who traveled the new world. He even owned slaves, but the proceeding of seeing how Columbus was treating the native people of the land, forced him to change his stance on slaves and freed his own.

After freeing his slaves, he spent the rest of his life, fighting colonization. Although not perfect, at least if the United States were to dedicate a day to Las Casas in place of Christopher Columbus, the United States would be celebrating someone who fought for freedom in the new world, and who saw the error in his ways.

Overall, although it may be said that Christopher Columbus discovered America for the Europeans, he did not truly discover anything. He conquered the land that had families and groups of people who were happy the way they were; ultimately the people only became unhealthy when Christopher Columbus brought over white Europeans and encouraged the act of forcing the native people into slavery. The United States is a country that is supposed to take pride in freedom and equality, so it seems only counterintuitive to celebrate a man who stood for neither.

It is for those reasons that we should not celebrate Christopher Columbus day.


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