Democracy Is the Best Form of Government Essay Example

Democracy is the only form of Government in which the will of the people is reflected in the administration. In other forms of government such as monarchy, anarchy etc. all the power is concentrated in the hands of one person or group of persons who carry on the administration irrespective of people’s wishes. Dahl makes his points clearly and persuasively. For, in theory, democracy has tremendous advantages for the individual compared to previous models of different forms of government. In this essay, Dahl also introduces several other benefits to the democratic system. For Example, avoiding tyranny, essential rights, freedom, human development. Dahl believed that democracy is an ideal form of government but also felt that no democracy could be perfect. However, he claims that “democracies don’t fight wars with one other’ (Dahl 96). He supports this using different events from the twentieth century. He mentioned in the essay that out of the 34 wars between 1945 and 1989 none of them occurred among the democratic countries (Dahl 106). Based on his essay one can clearly depict that democracy promises a peaceful world.

As mentioned above democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is the people. However, American scholar and public intellectual Cornell West claim that democracy is more than just a system of governance. West states “Democracy is not just a system of governance as we tend to think of it, but a cultural way of being” (West 116). According to West, democratic intellectuals, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Baldwin, are the ones who contribute most to the ongoing progress of democracy, or what he calls the “deep democratic tradition. In the essay, he supports this deep democratic tradition by illustrating the difficulties of being a black man in America. West returns to the analysis of the arrested development of democracy both in America and in the Middle East. He argues that if America is to become a better factor of democracy around the world, we must first wake up to the long history of imperialism and corruption that has plagued our own democracy.

Dahl seems to be in favor of the democratic form of government as it has been more beneficial than any other forms of government. While on the other side West thinks that democratic system in America has broken. Dahl thinks that the democracy has been able to foster human development and decrease the war level however according to west democracy has led to the question of why vote? and people being selfish, i.e. no democratic socialism. Both Dahl and West have their own views and based on the reading it clearly seemed that American democracy has been a little bit mixture of both. Democracy has certainly been a better form of government as it has reduced the wars, it’s been able to give the citizens their fundamental rights, ensure personal freedom, and several things. Still, there have been some disadvantages to democracy like corruption, racism. Finally, it looks like democracy has been helpful to the country in a lot of ways but has also increased several problems.


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