Double Standard for IQ Testing Essay Example

IQ testing for hiring is the best way of determining a person's ability to perform a task. This is shown in the fact "it is illegal to induct anyone in the US [Armed Forces] if they have an IQ less than 83"("2017 Personality" [01:35:50]). This was created out of the facts people with an IQ less than 83 are not capable to perform any task or be trained in any job in the armed forces. This same law applies to all federal government jobs. Even though it is illegal to test a person's IQ for the means of hiring. The United States (US) Government uses the Civil Service Test and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to test for IQ. Then to determine if the person is worth hiring; however, the private sector if they have 15 or more employees legally can not. For they then fall under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws. That mandate, by consequence the hiring of employees based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Disputes About IQ Testing Biased Nature

The argument made in the news and activist groups is that the IQ test is biased. Based on the belief if the outcome is not the same is discriminatory. Some of the examples of The EEOC court cases showing this belief in action were the EEOC VS. Dial Corporation. Dial Corp. had a problem of employees being injured and came up with a solution of a physical capability test for employment. Dial Corp. would have the new hire, lift and carry a 25-pound box and a 50-pound box across the building. If the person was able to do so, they would then hire the person. If they could not perform the task they would be placed in other jobs in the company or not hired. EEOC in the court case argued that the test was "biased against females." As a result of the fact, half the females who applied and had taken the test failed to be hired compared to the old hiring process. According to Dial Corp., the test added to the hiring process had the desired outcome of fewer employees getting injured improving workplace safety and cost related to injured employees. I personally believe that Dial Corp. had every right to have the test and it was fair. However, they lost the case because they did not have lower standards for female applicants and applied the test equally, ignoring race and gender hiring outcomes. Now the question is was the test really biased against females or did it have an unwanted truth? EEOC a commission that only has one job to perform, to find any unequal opportunity and outcome in employment say that the test was biased.

Another example was EEOC against the U.S. automotive industry. A case of EEOC had determined the Apprenticeship Training Selection System (ATSS) was discriminating against African Americans. This was determined by the Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection (UGES) 4/5 rule. The ATSS was determined by EEOC to have a racial bias against less African American applicants were hired. ATSS was a cognitive test just like the SSAT used for college and the ASVAB for the armed forces. It tested the person's cognitive ability; however, the companies did not give added points to the scores based on race gender and disability.

The Dishonest Government Policy Towards IQ Testing

In conclusion of the court cases against Dial Corp, they were forced to close the factory in the U.S. and relocate. The fines and the ability to hire in the United States was too great, so they relocated overseas. On the other hand, Ford Motor Company one of the motor companies sued started to hire employees based on race and gender. Instead of an ability. This is shown and stated on the Ford Motor Company websites Diversity page. Ford lost all employees based on sex, race, and background. This was done under court order. To stop so-called "implicit discrimination against African Americans" ("Legal Fact").

Standardized IQ and Ability Test are valid for the simple fact that they have a direct correlation .80 to .98, translating to an 80 to 98 percent accuracy to what they are measuring. The ASVAB is the most accurate test that exists for fluid IQ with the Civil Service Test a direct second if you eliminate the changes to score based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. These two tests are used for Government hiring. Even though, it is illegal for a private sector employer to use the same exact test.

This tells me that there is a double standard for IQ Test. When government agencies can use a test for hiring and private sector employers can not for it is then discrimination. How does that work? The logical conclusion is the government wants to force the private sector to take people with low IQ. Even if "Jobs for people with IQs less than 85 are [extremely] rare"("2017 Personality" [01:34:50]).


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