Essay About Sport Advantages

The younger youth of boys and girls should take part in the outdoor or athletic activities that the instructor intends. By doing this these kids will not only have fun, but meet new kids and have fun with them.

Meeting new kids can and might be a fun way to make friends, also by participating in school athletics when growing up can get you recommendations or even a scholarship for a future college. Doing activities and playing sports in your school will get you noticed by a lot of universities around the U.S. Take Michael Jordan, for instance, he went to high school in Wilmington at his school he kept playing Basketball. He found it as a hobby, as he kept playing he was being noticed by many schools around the U.S says an article. By playing in school activities you will get noticed no doubt.

If you do not play in sports you will still be able to get into college, but you might not get a full scholarship like kids who do athletic activities, and by not participating it will allow you to not get noticed as much as you should, not make friends as fast as kids who play sports do, and not get a full scholarship to a university that offers it. Another example of a celebrity that got noticed by doing sports is Serena Williams, she started playing Tennis when she was in school. She played a lot and never gave up and neither did her sister. Therefore, it allowed her and her sister to get noticed by the good people of Tennis.

The last example is me. I started playing sports or participating in school when I was 8 years old. I was always a kid who would get excited for every single thing I would see, like if there was a ball I would get excited and run for it, and when it was time to leave I would run in to make sure I was first inside, and I would jump from sport to sport just to play as much as I could. I would do a lot of things I would do Dancing, Sports, make Friends, and be the Teacher's helper. I am now older I have stopped doing most of the stuff, but I have not stopped playing sports, I may not play for my school, but I play at home.

In conclusion, even though kids may not like sports or want to take part in them it is better for them to try to get a scholarship to help when they're older.


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