Holocaust Essay Example. A Message We Should Always Remember

Throughout my childhood, learning about the Holocaust was a big deal, but not as big as any child thought of it. We learned about how bad Adolf Hitler was and how many innocent human beings that go by the name of Jews, were murdered in a very high number. I do not remember much from elementary so the fact that we read a short story called Night, and watched the movie Schindler’s List, really gave me a large perspective on what really happened during the horrific times of the Holocaust. It all started with the ways in which families were separated and taken away from each other. After observing the way the Nazis just beat and dragged family members away from each other is demented. My first thought after watching the first twenty minutes of the movie was about my family. I thought about my young siblings, my mother, my father, and even my pets. To literally be pulled away from your family is something nobody in this world would want to go through or even think about. I am only fifteen years young and can’t imagine what it would be like getting your precious children, young or old, taken from you. And the fact that families weren’t just split apart isn’t what makes you mournful. It’s the fact that most of the families were to never see each other again.

One of the biggest messages it gets across to me is to obviously never take yours or anyone's life for granted. As most people know the Jews were very innocent people just trying to start a family, live their lives, start a career, etc. Some of the Jews were like you and me today. Knowing that the Holocaust could have happened to me and my family angers me because I feel so bad for all the innocent six million Jews that lost their lives. As people living today, we all definitely need to take some sort of interest in the Holocaust topic because of how saddening it truly was and is. A scary thing that I noticed started with just examining around a room that I, along with multiple people were in. Then I started to wonder how terrible it would be if we were in the Jews’ shoes and Nazi soldiers just came barging in and taken us one by one away forever. The perspective that my thought gave me helped me clearly understand a little more what was going on. Learning about this disaster will benefit me not only today but for the rest of my life. When I grow up and hopefully begin a family I will have a better understanding of what it would have been like during the Holocaust period.

The Jews were really just helpless. From cities to towns, they were all getting swept out like a dirty floor. They had a tiny chance if not no chance at living. They also had nobody on their side, nobody to go to, and very little to at least try and help them. Throughout the movie Schindler’s List, you notice a few people that you could tell cared about the Jews. For example, out of the thousands that have been recognized, the biggest would be Oskar Schindler. In the movie, Oskar Schindler was my favorite even though he was apart of the Nazi party. His acts ended up saving 1,200 Jews and throughout the movie, I experienced how amazing of a man he was. Whether it was talking to the Jews, coming up with excuses to save groups, or even just giving a Jew a pleasant look was all a Jew needed to feel even just a tiny bit better.

In modern society, we all have different opinions and look at things a lot differently from one another. The fact that the Holocaust occurred and our world is still dealing with some of the problems that are similar to the heartbreaking things that happened during the Holocaust are crazy. What I mean by that is in our world there is still people killing each other, torturing each other, taking lives, and the list goes on. What makes it insane is that when these things arise today, people do it out of pure joy. They do it for fun. Some torture in the same ways and purposes as the Nazis did. Although it isn't as close as terrifying as the Holocaust, it still angers me that it still goes on nowadays. I have also accepted the fact that bad things will never go away for good, which is a hard thing to take in.

When I age and start to create a family of my own, my understanding of what a Jew family went through on the days the Nazis attacked the towns will widen. When my wife and children are present with me I am going to realize even more than I do now, how important family really is. The events and deaths that happened during the years of 1933-1945 will always have an impact on me about how I view life itself. It will hopefully always help me understand to never take things or anyone for granite. The Holocaust taught me and hopefully others to live your life to the fullest because of the fact that you may never know when it will end or get taken away from you or someone you love.


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