My Attitude to Cloning Essay Example

Cloning is a new technology that has been getting more and more advanced over the past 20 years. Now we are at the point of cloning where we have to balance the pros of cloning to the cons. Many people are afraid of how different a future with cloning would be. I believe a future with cloning would benefit all humans in so many great ways.

One of the many great applications of cloning would be that it would solve infertility. If a couple cannot have a biological child, due to same sex or infertility problems, cloning could solve this issue. One in every ten couples struggle with infertility. That’s more than 5 million people in the U.S.A. All of those people and more could be helped by cloning. Additionally, if a young child is killed in a tragic accident the parents using his DNA, could clone him and have a new kid.

This is not the only value of cloning, if you are able to clone whole humans you would almost definitely be able to clone specific body parts or DNA strands. It is very possible that in the future a part of our DNA will change over time to be dangerous to us. We would be able to edit out the bad genes and put in good genes. This would eliminate a lot of disorders, and infertility. This could also help make a better human who would be less susceptible to certain diseases and strengthen their internal systems.

Perhaps the most important use of cloning is not the full person. Rather than cloning a whole human it is more likely that we will soon be able to clone specific body parts. These body parts could replace failing organs. For example, kidney failure usually kills people in less than 6 months. It takes on average 3-5 years to get a kidney. If you realize you have kidney problems at the wrong time you are almost definitely dead. According to Science Daily, more than 2 million people worldwide die of kidney failure. By cloning body parts we could help, cancer patients, people with organ failure, soldiers, and people in dangerous accidents.

In conclusion, cloning can help humans in many ways. First, it could solve so many infertility problems worldwide. Second, It could eliminate many bad genes and disorders. Lastly, cloning could help people with failing organs or missing body parts. THose are a few of the great benefits cloning could have on the human race.


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