My Best Friend Essay Example

I have something special that not many other people can say they have. Because of this, I have grown up learning an import life lesson early on, that some don't ever learn in their lifetime. This "something special” is my best friend. It is my identical twin sister who has taught me that you get more out of your life when you allow for quality over the number of relationships.

Often times, when someone finds out that I'm a twin, the first question I get is who is the older twin. When I answer my sister, the next question I usually get is whether or not I enjoy being a twin. Of course I do! I have two closets and someone to switch places with when I don't want to take a test. Who wouldn't like that? I have only ever known life as a twin. I grew up with my best friend literally right down the hall from me. I had someone to laugh with until my sides hurt and someone I could trust with all my secrets. There was always someone to experience and share life's biggest and smallest milestones with. Being a twin means I constantly have someone pushing me to do my best, someone who is constantly there for me; but, most importantly, I have someone who I can just be myself around.

In today's world, many have the mentality that you have to be liked by a lot of people in order to be happy. To them, being well liked by their peers is almost as important as drinking water. However, when people put quantity over quality, they tend to lose themselves. They wear a different "mask” or have a different personality for every person they hang out with in order to have that feeling of approval and acceptance. No one really knows who they are.

Even though they have the numbers, they still have that lonely feeling as they lack in any real close relationships. There is no one there for them to turn to when they are stressed, upset or even happy for that matter.

I'm not saying that the only way to have close relationships is if you are a twin. You don't have to go out and pull a "Parent Trap” with hopes of finding your secret twin who is waiting to be your best friend. You just have to find the right group of friends who allow and accept you to be yourself. You have to find that support group you can't live without. The group of friends who make you feel wanted, who can make you laugh at a drop of a hat, and who truly care about you. Having that kind of relationship in your life not only affects the person you become but also gives your life more meaning.

Being a twin has easily shown me the importance of having close relationships; how important is to have people in your life who allow you to be yourself and who know you inside and out. You can't always get that when you are in search for hundreds of people to like you. "Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” -Steve Jobs.


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