My Best Helper With Homework Essay Example

Many people in life have their own Ah-ha or breakthrough moment. When someone is in a tough situation sometimes life finds a way. When people are stuck, they finally have a light bulb that lights up in their heads. It is great when things work out for the best. A breakthrough can come at a moment’s notice, and it is incredible when it happens. So, when that Ah ha moment comes in a tough situation that means someone figures out the situation and knows how to defeat it.

My own Ah ha moment happened about a month ago. During the time I am writing this paper. A human services class that I was taking this semester which whole class had to write an essay about an agency. We had to search for information and write about the human services agency. Our professor gave us this assignment at the beginning of the semester. However, I did not write this report until the very last minute. I wasn’t sure what agency to chose or who to ask for help but suddenly a light bulb light up in my head. I decided to ask my own mother since she had worked for human service agency. So I chose an agency named Unleashing Potential where my mother formerly worked.

When she worked at Unleashed Potential it was formally known as named Neighborhood Housing. I had to write an interview section which was a significant part of the essay. So, I had my mother to work with me to write the interview. I use my mom’s knowledge to tell more about the agency. I found more history by my mother’s experience. I did get more information but not that much. However, it was good that I had a former employee helping with my assignment.

Initially, I tried to make this paper three to four pages, but I made it eight instead. I was kind of glad because I had more than enough information. The agency I wrote about is a child learning organization that helps children unleash their learning potential. I had to write an outline to help me write the essay. In my outline, I wrote important sections to help me. The first section was the introduction of what the agency is and why I chose the place. The second section was the history of the organization. The third section of the outline was services that are rendered in the program. The fourth section was the interview and what responsibilities did the employee were in charge of doing. The final section is the conclusion and why I wanted to work at the agency.

Luckily, I had my mother to help me gather information which I collected from my sources. My mother who knew the organization first hand when she worked there was a great help. She explained the activities and cared for the children. She explained they offered to counsel the kids and offer transportation to their program. They helped many children who struggle with a mental illness, and they teach those, how to deal with it. They may have to educate them in a certain way.

The learning program seemed to be great for helping children in school. However, it is an after school program so the kids have somewhere to be s their parents can pick them up. My mother is a part-time program assistant with the organization. Her duties were to implement school programs by giving creative youth programming through daily contact with children. She was responsible for developing and implementing lessons plans and prepared daily activities for the week. She also provided tutoring supporting with the children.

She told me what the strengths and weakness of the agency. It was valuable information I collected which I put in the essay. The agency is a free program that offers meals and homework assistance and a safe environment that helps to eliminate the frustration of parents who work and parents who have a low-income strain. She discusses the weakness of the organizations. She had experienced a lack of cooperation from other the employees in using their schools. The school principals would put restrictions on the use of the building and not allow the agency staff to use a classroom, so the assigned permitted space was more challenging to keep order.

My mother has told me the reason she chose this profession. She is excellent with kids and knows how to talk to them because she is a mother, it is essential to understand why someone would want to work there. She advised those who need to know to handle children. Her advice to potential workers is that the worker must learn how to listen to children and be patient. She informed me of how workers must learn how to control their anger.

I am glad that someone I knew was able to help me with this assignment. When this assignment did come, I was not sure whom to ask or what agency to choose. Luckily my mother was there to bring herself in to help me. Sometimes it was hard to work with her because she wouldn’t work at times, I wanted her to. So that part of working with her was frustrating at times. But eventually, we finished our work. My mother and I spent a few days on working on the interview, and then she was finished helping me, she checked my grammar and make sure everything was fine. I’m happy that I was able to think of my mom when doing this assignment. Because of that, I was able to get an A on the paper!


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