My Favorite Hero Essay Example

For the Hero's Journey I wanted to pick supergirl from the netflix series. Her planet "blew up" and she was put in a space pod and sent to earth, her spaceship thingy got lost in space and then years later it landed on earth. She saw her cousin all grown up and helping the world. She was still just a young girl and she wanted to grow up normal with her step sister Alex. So her and her step sister Alex grew up normal and nobody expected a thing.

Cara was called to adventure when she was walking home from work one afternoon when a plane was about to crash into a bridge in her city and nobody could help them except her. She thought about the pros and the cons and realized that she needed to help and it was her duty to help the people. She saved the people and realized that she needed to start because that's what she was made for.That's only the start of her becoming the hero that she is.

When she found out that she wanted to start helping people she realized what she was (an alien) so she went to her sisters work where they study aliens and know everything about them. The head of the DEA (alex's work) was an alien so he helped cara figure out how to help people and helped her figure out who she was and who she was capable of being. His planet blew up to with all his family so he was like another father to Cara because he understood what they were both going through and helped her realize that she needed to save people because that what her parents would want her to do.

When Cara decided that she wanted to be a hero she had to learn how to do it. She took a long journey learning how to use her abilities, buffing up, learning the people, learning her villains, and completely getting to be the hero she wanted to be. She had a lot of friends willing to help her learn and she met all new people and new aliens, she eventually new who she could trust and who she couldn't.

Supergirl went on to fight for people, and she fought bad aliens and even the people she lived with in her city. She realized how weird things can get and how a lot of stuff made more sense in the real world. She also saw how mean people can get and how nice people can get. In the show supergirl she taught a lot of people the difference between right and wrong.

The best thing about supergirl is that she doesnt stop until she gets what she wants to be. She puts her life on the line each time she goes out and fights for the safety of the people. In this world today we need people like that, We have individually heros and people who will protect other people, but heros can't really die. The only thing that can kill Cara is kryptonite. Anything can kill us today really our own pets can kill us these days. We all have our own inner hero in us and we need to show it more.


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