My Philosophy of Education Essay Example

My dad came to America when he was in high school. He got a certification to become a pharmacist technician, but never graduated from college and got a degree. My mother stayed back in Haiti until she finished college and got her degree to become a lawyer. She moved to America in 1996 but the requirements were not the same in America as they in Haiti to be a lawyer. She wanted to go to college in order to become a lawyer in the states but she was new to the country so she had to learn the English language. By the time she was able to get it to the point where she was comfortable with it, my sister came along in 1998. Then she tried to continue again in the fall of 1999 but then in 2000 I was born. In that point she decided to switch it all up and get a certification to become a certified nurse assistant, but she too did not get a college degree. Even though they feel adequate with the life they have provided for my sister and I; they feel like we can do more. I believe with a college education you can do so much to help yourself and, people who cannot help themselves. Being able to have a college education opens up many doors to a successful lifestyle.

How Education Affected My Parents

Growing up, my parents always said how education was important. That was something I heard often, but nothing I really listened to. It was always in one ear and out the other, it was like that for a while, from 4th grade to 8th grade to be exact. My parents would do the right thing by always checking in, and asking if I did my homework, I would always say yes, even though it was not true just so I could watch TV. At school the discipline was lacking, so I felt I did not have to do work that much and I would be able to move up to the next grade. Although I was able to do that I was not performing as well as I could have. Switching schools in 5th grade really help me become a better person and student because I was a not a leader. Many kids who feel left out, will tend to forget about their school work and try to fit in with the "popular" kids. That kid was me, I did not see the value of education at a young age, it took me until high school to actually see that education opens the door to many opportunities.

As much as people want you to do good, it is up to you to do good and realize what is good for you. It took a parent teacher conference to realize that I was letting down the people who truly cared about me down. When I got to high school my mindset was different and so was my worth ethic. Getting good grades is for no one else but you, others may be happy because of your success, but it does not mean much without it means anything to you. Grades also do not mean much if you are not obtaining the knowledge that is presented and you are not able to apply what you learn is getting the education really important. From what I witnessed in school the past couple years, many students focus on getting the grade and, not retaining the content and when they go to college they are lost on a lot of material. That is something I did not want to happen to me even though I was a shy student, I would ask for help when I really needed it. Once I started doing good in school and felt comfortable with me, a lot of opportunities started to find their way to me. Then I started to realize the importance of education.

Why College Education is so Important

Having a college education is important to me because it shows perseverance and that I would be able to achieve and do something I am interested in. Unfortunately, if you do not have a college degree people will not take you seriously and you have to advocate for yourself a lot more than if you have a college degree. With a college degree you can do so much, people are willing to help you more. The health and, medical field interest me a lot because there is something new to learn and, figure out everyday. On top of that when I am able to help my family here, I would like to go back to Haiti and help the kids and adults who cannot help themselves. That is what a powerful education, looks like, being able to apply what you know to impact others and make a change for the better. With the knowledge I obtain. I would teach people on how to take care of themselves. That includes mentally, physically and, emotionally; the overall goal for me is to be happy and if I can help people and make them happy I achieved a portion of my goal. One other thing I would teach others is that, school is not the only place where you can learn something, teachers are not the only one that teaches. You can teach yourself. If you truly want to learn and do not have access to a formal education, then you can teach yourself by reading. A lot of things we learn can be found in books, it is up to you to actually go out and push yourself to learn on your own.

Understanding my parents background and how they did not get to achieve everything they wanted to; made me feel that I had picked it up. The best way to do that is through education. Gaining a college education is a start to becoming successful. Success to one person may be getting all the money they can, but to me success means helping my family and making sure they are satisfied and, also helping people who cannot help themselves. Although everything might not be easy, being determined to finish and get what you work for is worth it because of the deeds you can do with it.


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