Team Building Essay Example

It is an inevitable progress to build a long-lasting team when people want to run a successful business. For this purpose to obtain a sustainable performance of company and future market share, leaders understand that team building requires unique competencies and skills to build successfully a great team.

Someone argue that punishment and monitor are significant elements for a company to maintain normal management order; others holding the statement that paying attention to self-esteem and self-confidence of employees to meet their constant needs as a smart leader is necessary than warranted. Generally, different company may have their own unique management strategy, which depends on business plan and corporate culture and majority manager may agree with that egos are important for employees, however, as a successful leader, they should guide their subordinates to think more about the contributions they have done for company rather than they have got from their group; as an employee, he or (she) needs understand that only paying first will have a corresponding return. Also, supervision and judging are not the ultimate goal, but the positive role of company management cannot be ignored.

Why Team Building is Important in the Workplace

Previous studies about team building found that suitable team building exercises have positive influence on alimoe rating employees' engagement and work efficiency. For example, some companies have realised that in terms of employees always complain that the resources at hand are not enough to carry out the next step, they always want more help, or someone emphasizes personal esteem to refuse to work with people they don't like. By different team building exercises, they will change their behavior and thinking patterns because these exercises have positive to unite individual into a group, to build a trust and high-efficiency team with a specific purpose, to reduce communication cost due to misunderstanding.

To sum up, although leaders have responsibilities to care about employees' self-esteem and needs, they should put whole team's profit first and take reasonable strategy to solve difficult management problems. Remember that every person and every team is different with a unique behaviour and spirit, so team building should take distinct management model.


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