The Changing Work Ethic Essay Example

Work Ethic is the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. Work Ethic to kids now days is changing wholly. With today's technology kids are constantly glued to their cellular devices. It’s hard to find a good employee that is willing to work and not slack off. Because of the difference in our work you can’t blame us fully the world is changing and so is the work around us. Just don’t be so quick to judge and look at it from the point of one of us. The work we are expected to do is just different from what we expect. Is work ethic declining in the newer generations I do not think so, jobs are changing manual labor is dying out, technology is growing and work ethic in the work place is different now.

Let me ask you a question do you have work ethic? Do you have any idea what work ethic is? Big managers today look for good help and an employee that is willing to work. Kids pay too much attention to their phones and ignore what needs to be done. Kids just want to sit down at work and they expect to be paid for it. Kids today don’t want to work they think they can make a living off YouTube or something or they think they can just lay down and make it by. Things need to change in this world they need to understand what they are doing to future generations to come.

Work Ethic to many might just be getting the job done or doing a good deed. Work Ethic is more than just that Work Ethic to me is doing what your told and having the motivation to do what your told when told to do it, or even just having initiative. Initiative means doing something you're not told to do, but regardless it needed to be done. Bosses admire that quality it leaves less to be worried about when they are not around. Because they already know that you are doing the right thing. It’s quality's like these that Leaders look for when hiring a new employee. You can’t just work for working because then your work would lack emotion and being happy helps the work go faster. There for helping everyone to get out and for you not to just dread going to work and hating every minute of every work day. Watching the clock waiting for the close to be upon you instead you can beat the clock and work for you.

But you also must account for the change in the work in this generation, it's not really all manual labor it is based a lot on tech which doesn't need much prior training. The work is more challenging in its own way. The whole learning curve is completely different people in the generation below use would have a hard time doing the more technological work but the same goes for us, it would be hard for use to work solely in like a field for hours. We would be done in less than an hour. Not because we wouldn’t want to quit it’s just not how our life’s where built around us. We were raised in an environment where tech was the way for us to get things done thinking of ways to make work easier. So, is it our fault for not being made for the work of the old? You wouldn’t ask an old man to make a word doc or doing computer science. It’s just not something people would do because it’s unreasonable it wouldn’t be a level playing field.

Work Ethic is not dying wholly it’s just used in different ways which scares the people of the lower generation. It’s not the lack of work it’s the difference in our work that makes use look like we are lazy, not really our fault but there is nothing we can do about it. We have lots of different skills that help in our line of work but would be useless in their world, does that make us lazy or does it make us more efficient in our time? That is the question to ask yourself what will you decide? I know what I think work ethic is changing not dying but evolving, changing as fast as technology, job opportunities and manual labor jobs are just lack luster.


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