The Importance of Cooperation Essay Example

Knowing how to work with other people is important, not only in your job or school, but also in your everyday life; however, in order to have effective results it is crucial how the members of your team interact with one another, more than how they are arranged. Each team member has different abilities that can be very useful when they are given a proper role in the team. Nonetheless, there is no specific rule that states how your team should be set, as long as you know what strengths and weaknesses each person in the group has and they are taken into consideration when organizing the team. Perhaps a member has several abilities that can be effective in two different roles in the team, or maybe even in every role of a team. Creating certain characteristics within the team members is salient, despite how the team is put together; when a team has effective communication and trust, the way the team is arranged will not influence its performance because everyone will contribute and help each other.

There are many team building exercises that have been developed that might help build trust and communication in a team. It might even be possible to create your own team building exercise; however, the 'minefield' game is a useful and effective tool to build trust and proper communication skills in a team. Through this exercise trust will be reinforced since one person will be blindfolded and will have to rely on their partner to get him/her to the finish line. Also, this exercise will enhance communication among peers because a member is going to have to give their partner instructions to reach their goal and the other person is going to have to follow this directions properly; therefore, they will have to work a system in order to develop adequate communication skills. This type of exercise will also help to observe how some people work together which will help the leader make any reorganizations if necessary.

Teams can be build in a variety of ways and roles can be rotated if it is essential, but no matter how someone decides to build their team, trust and communication is important for teamwork to be effective. Every person has its own strengths and weaknesses that are important to highlight. Recognizing them is useful when building a team, if they are acknowledged from the start there will be no need to shuffle the roles of the team members; however, some might not be possible to identify until later and changes will have to be done. Thus, your team can be pieces of a puzzle that can be shuffled in a variety of ways. Additionally, there is no regulation that asserts your team can not be restructured if it is not working. More often than not, the underperformance of a team is not related to how the roles are distributed but how the relationship of the members is constructed. If the members of your team does not communicate and trust one another, no matter how many ways they are put together the results will not be what was expected.


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