The Workplace Ethics Essay Example

The Human Resource department should impose a strict no fraternization policy within the workplace. Relationships that don't last can have detrimental effects on everyone in both the workplace, and employees personal lives. When the employees personal lies get involved in the workplace the assignments don't get done on time or to their best abilities.

The Human Resource Department should be setting, interpersonal boundaries for relationships within the workplace. The workplace should be a professional environment where people come to work. However, when workplace boundaries are not set, the work is not effectively completed due to the disruption the relationship would have on the other employees. "When workplace boundaries are clearly defined, the organization works more efficiently because redundant work assignments are eliminated and task performance is accountable" (Sabey, and Gafner 1996). In this quote Sabey and Gafner clearly explain why the Human Resources department should enforce boundaries on its employees.

Without the non fraternization policy the company is susceptible to sexual harassment lawsuits. With this past years #MeToo movement we have begun to get a bigger idea of just how many people have been involved in sexual harassment, most of these occurring in the workplace Most of these issues could probably have been resolved if the Human Resource Department had put a non fraternization policy into action. "According to surveys, 12% of employees have been sexually harassed at work, the majority of whom, were women" (Wrady, and Michel 2018) The surveys show just how big of an issue sexual harassment has been in the workplace.

In conclusion, the non fraternization policy should be enforced in every company. The workplace relationships not only have an effect on the individuals involved in the relationship but the people around them. The policy would also protect the company from sexual harassment lawsuits affecting all the workers in the office. The policy is beneficial to both the companies and the individuals involved in the policy.


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