Vegetarian Persuasive Essay Example. Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism Diet

Vegetarianism has always been a very controversial topic, people always assume that meat is something fundamental in one’s growth and development. Growing up, meat has always been the important food in one’s life in order to remain healthy. However, people have been able to find equivalent sources of food that accomplish the same goal meat gives to one’s body. It is beneficial for one to stop eating meat and alter our meal options in order to not just improve ourselves mentally and physically but to aid our environment as well.

Society today cherishes eating meat. However, people don’t perceive that eating meat is slowly impairing our environment. According to PETA, “when land is used to raise animals instead of crops precious water and soil are lost and trees are cut down to make land for grazing or factory-form sheds. In addition, untreated animal waste pollutes rivers and streams.” Furthermore, PETA also states that eating meat has such a negative impact on our environment that it has been listed as the second-biggest environmental threat. Which is why it is salient for one to become a vegetarian preferably because it positively aids our environment. As stated by Down to Earth Organs & Natural, “by choosing a vegetarian diet instead of one loaded with animal products, individuals can dramatically reduce the amount of land, water, and oil resources that they consume and the amount of pollution they otherwise might cause.” By finding an alternative to meat there is a decrease in the animal cruelty heard of caused by meat industries. By altering our meal options, we will be able to create a more stable environment.

In our childhood, meat has always been known as an important factor in our food groups to aid in our growth and development. Today, there are people who believe that one cannot be fully healthy without consuming the protein within the meat. However, there has been research that shows that people who abstain from meat have shown to continue to have a healthy body and mind. As claimed by HubPages, some people say that it is unorthodox to erase meat from one’s diet seeing as how we are omnivores by nature which is why some question where vegetarians receive their protein or iron from. There are always ways to remain healthy without the consumption of meat, as long as vegetarians use alternatives in their diets they will continue to be as healthy as anyone else.

Implementing a vegetarian diet can be very beneficial to one’s health. Aside from pursuing a healthy alternative to meat, it can also give one’s body a positive physical result. Seeing as how vegetarians tend to have a more fruits and vegetables filled diet, it decreases the risk of obesity. In addition, this diet also allows several health benefits such as lower risks for many diseases. Overall, pursuing a vegetarian diet gives many health benefits.

In conclusion, despite the controversies there has been over a vegetarian diet, there is actually several positive influences that this diet can have on ourselves and to our environment. According to researchers, eating meat can actually be harmful to the environment, which is why it is beneficial to pursue an alternative to meat. In order to continue to be healthy and to aid our environment, it is important to make a decision in our diet. It is crucial to understand the way what we eat influences the world around us for our future.


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