Water Pollution Essay Example

In my opinion, the world's biggest problem is pollution. Pollution affects many people all around the world. Pollution needs to stop so we do not end up trashing our planet. This will become a very big problem in the future and could really make us regret what we have been doing.

My first reason why pollution is a big problem is that 5000 people end up dying because they do not drink clean waters. In addition, pollution also affects much wildlife as it can ruin their homes and their lives. This does not only affect animals it also affects humans too. Sadly, gasses that factories let out every single year are going to start things such as global warming which has already started. The plastic that gets thrown in the ocean or wherever they get polluted at for a very long time and that can add up pretty fast if more and more plastic things such as bottles keep showing up. One example of this is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, trash piles up here all of the time and it will take a long time for it to go away and it is affecting animals in that area.

My second reason why pollution is a big problem is that more than 3 million kids under the age of 5 die from pollution every single year. Next, our world would be a lot better off not making the world a dump so things like kids dying will not happen. Also, people could start using electric cars or another form of getting around that does not release dangerous gasses. By the year 2030, it is expecting the number of cars in the world to rise to 1 billion. All in all, I think that pollution will end the world someday because of how fast it can grow in just a matter of 12 years.

My third reason why pollution is bad is that it can give people diseases. Getting a disease can be life-threatening and could ruin a lot of things. I think that personal health is very important. I don't think people should have to worry about getting sick just from getting a drink of water. There are ways to stop things like pollution such as recycling. Recycling can help the world become less of a dump and more waters will be less polluted.

So all in all, pollution is deadly because it can give people diseases, kids can die from it, and waters are not clean. We can put a stop to pollution and fix your earth. We only have so much space to put all of this trash and once we use it all up, we use it all up. So, we might as well try to put a stop to it now.


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